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Maryjone turns love poems into sweet melody

A scene from the music video "Lunglai ana".


Maryjone turns love poems into sweet melody

Her voice is sharp and tender, yet sweet like fresh flowing Zoram rivulet! It’s not surprising that her melodious songs have captured the imagination world of her fans. Meet Ms Maryjone Lalhmangai Thlawngate, the woman behind the voice of popular songs like Lairil Ana, Haire Hai, Zawl khawpui, Lungdi Lungrun and many more.

Ms Maryjone, the singer behind the unique youthful voice.

Born on September 6, 1984, in Churachandpur District of Manipur, Ms Maryjone has to her credit four single albums besides numerous special appearances in joint albums produced by various artistes.

She is currently employed at the Dhampur Sugar Factory. However, she loves spending her free time with families and friends.

“My hobby is spending quality time with my family members and my close friends,” Ms Maryjone told, adding she is still looking for the right man to come along.

Here are some of Ms Maryjone’s music videos.

Lairil Ana

Zawl khawpui

Lungdi Lungrun

Suilung Ruola

Ei lengna vangkhuo

Hmangai Lungdi

Ka ngai em che

Par ang vul zing ei tih

Vawitam biethu

Aw Iengtinam

Aw D Aw D

Aw an her tah maw

Who can forget Haire Hai with Lalsanglien.



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