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Cj involved in smear campaign


Cj involved in smear campaign

Cj stain had the misfortune leaks this year of being victim many lacks this year for example the a breach of intellectual property rights relating to a remake of the Major Lazer pop hit, ‘Cold Water’, featuring Justin Bieber and Danish artist MØ.

His and now a begin smear campaign cj stain nudes pictures leaked, unlawfully attained by a third party or parties.

With out any acquiescence by unlawful indefensibly practice and distribution of the this invasion of privacy stain case constitutes, at a minimum, copyright infringement, desecration of cj stain right of privacy  under and perhaps law, and tortious conduct under state and common law having naked selfies posted across websites and social networks.

CJ Stain is most recognized for his influential remake of ‘Gemini Good Thing’, and has become renown for taking on societal issues in his music.

Vie Vibe Music Group is a Canadian record label scouting new artists, helping them develop their craft and launch their careers through partnerships with music industry leaders and smart promotion on different platforms.

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