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Are you a local business owner? For an extremely low introductory rate of only $7/month (ie. the cost of a Subway sandwich), we keep your business page online 24/7 (listings are otherwise removed after 30 days) and allow you to add any additional information to your business page. Your business listing will be online for as long as you subscribe.

About Us: is a trusted authority domain and a certified Google News website (that is why you found us, after all), and this makes it very easy for us to pull in a lot of traffic. Very few business listing websites (not even Yelp, for example) are listed in Google News like us, and that gives us a powerful advantage over any other form of advertising. We get many thousands of unique visitors a month from people searching Google for a service or business name just like you did. And if you get just one new customer a month from being listed here (an extremely conservative goal by any measure), we’re sure you’ll agree it’ll be more than worthwhile.

Our introductory rate of a mere $7/month will likely double or triple in short order, and you can lock in that very low price only if you order now. To get started, order through PayPal by clicking the button below (if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still order via PayPal – your payment will be processed entirely by PayPal):

After ordering, you’ll be taken to our contact page where you can write anything you’d like added to your business page, and we’ll update it within 24 hours.