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Are you a local business owner? For a mere $9.95/month we offer the following benefits:

    • Add to the listing of your business
    • Get listed right on our homepage
    • We create a page for your business category in your city where you’ll be #1 and featured on (this will also rank in Google and Google News, like your business page, and will likely bring some decent traffic)
    • Your business will be mentioned at the bottom of the page for all competing businesses in your city

Note the last 2 benefits only apply to the first business in a category/city group to purchase a sponsorship. is an authority domain and a certified Google News website (that is why you found us, after all), and this makes it easy for us to pull in traffic. While we are building up this service we are offering sponsorship for the extremely low rate of $9.95/month for a limited time only.

To get started, drop us a line on our contact page (from your business email address if you have one) and we’ll send you a link to order via PayPal.