Ruth Chepngetich Breaks Women’s Half-Marathon World Record

And based on Chepngetich’s reaction at the finish line, she knew she’d crushed it. The 26-year-old runner leapt through the tape and raised her arms in triumph before collapsing, and she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as the hugs and celebrations began. “I am really happy with this amazing result,” she said afterwards, according to World Athletics. “The world record is something I have been dreaming about for some time and I am so happy to do it on the streets of Istanbul.”

To sum it up: women runners set three records in Istanbul this weekend, with Chepngetich leading the way with a brand new half-marathon record. Who will be the next to break it? With the blistering pace of women’s running lately, we may not have to wait long to find out.

?? Türkiye’de kırılmış ilk dünya rekoru!

Ruth Chepngetich ??’in İstanbul Yarı Maratonu’nda dünya rekoru kırdığı o anlar! ?

?️ “Ruth Chepngetich! 1:04:01, dünya rekoru geldi! İstanbul’da dünya rekoru!”

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