Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi kidnapped

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pallavi asks a car if she can use phone to call she doesn’t have her phone and scooter has broken down…

Pallavi’s dada Siddesh says I can see how it is after all Pallavi is widow daughter in law and not a daughter…

Pallavi is kidnapped…

Sometime back…

Asha performs in sangeet, Sharda looks for Pallavi, Vijay asks why you look so worried, Sharda says I dont see Pallavi anywhere, Vijay says after Raghav where does she ask her anything, might be here somewhere, and leaves.

Pallavi’s scooter breaksdown, she finds there is no petrol and has also forgotten her phone, Pallavi decides to walk and carries Pepper spary.

Sharda asks Krishna where is Pallavi and threatens her, Krishna says shop work, Sharda says alone so late. Pallavi sees a car and knocks window and asks for help, they remove alochol.bottle out, Pallavi scared drops off her hand and Raghav walks out of car and says how much do you shout, Pallavi says why do you follow me, Raghav says you came to me I didn’t, Pallavi says I have shop urgent work, Raghav asks what you want, Pallavi says nothing, Raghav says you should be careful where you show your attitude, Pallavi says give me your phone, Raghav gives, Pallavi says its dead, you are making fun of me, I am in problem, I don’t need your help, a car asks Pallavi is there any problem, Pallavi asks for lift, shows Raghav attitude and sits in car and leaves.

Siddhesh scolds Krishna for allowing Pallavi to go alone at night, Krishna says Pallavi doesn’t listen when it comes to shop, Siddhesh says someone else could go, Nikhil could go, she takes care of shop so everyone has taken her for granted, Sharda says you are misunderstanding Siddhesh we are all worried too, Siddhesh says I can see that after all she is widow daughter in law and not daughter, for you she is free servant, Sharda says enough, and sees Vijay listening to them.

Pallavi sees the men in car arent following her directions and asks to stop car and says I will jump of car, Pallavi unable to open door and asks to stop car, Men in car start drinking, Pallavi starts asking for help.

Abhishek reaches function, Nikhil says he will join him he has to go look for Pallavi she has left phone here and went for some shop work, Abhishek says I saw her with Raghav Rao, Nikhil sees everyone listening, Nikhil says are you sure, Abhishek says yes, near hi tech city road short cut, but it was so dark she couldn’t see me, she was wearing pink right, Nikhil says come lets get her, Vijay says no one will get her, Siddhesh says why are you saying this, Vijay says she doesn’t need us any more and look Sharda I told you, and she is with that man happily, Sharda says I still believe her, Vijay says late night on lonely road what work, few days back Tina now Abhishek, Sharda says but, Vijay says enough if someone gets Pallavi they will see my dead face. Milind and Siddhes follow Vijay.

Pallavi is threatened with gun to sit in car quietly. Siddesh says to Vijay she is out for your shop work but this People have taken her for granted and treat her like their slave, Sharda says whats his fault, she has to inform us and go. Kirti listens them talk. Vijay says she left with Raghav again after asking not to so many times.Kirti tells Jaya about it.

Rahul tells Mansi that her mom is spreading rumours that Pallavi ranaway with Raghav Rao, Mansi asks Nikhil where is Pallavi and what is Raghav Rao angle, Nikhil says she is out fir shop work and rumours your mother, Mansi says we have to stop this before it becomes breaking news and asks Nikhil to start performances to distract everyoneNikhil starts his performance.

Jaya and Kirti go see Vijay, Jaya introduces himself as Raghav’s mother, Vijay looses calm and starts scolding Raghav says I will kill your son, he is shameless man, Jaya says stop if Raghav hurts Pallavi I will kill him myself.

Pallavi sees Raghav’s car infront, men from her car get down and ask him to move, Raghav says I will.do what I want to,Men say oh look hero is here to save heroine, Raghav says I am Hero but she isnt my heroine, and you villan come here , he removes a stick and attacks Raghav, Raghav fights them both, they run away leaving car behind.Raghav asks Pallavi to get down, Pallavi says its child locked, Raghav says where did your dialogues go now, Raghav says I will get you out on one condition, no lecture no argument and you will do what I say, Pallavi agrees, Raghav gets her out and asks to follow him.

Pre cap : Jaya slaps Raghav.Pallavi in Raghav’s house,Raghav chokes on food.Vijay throws Pallavi out of the house and says the doors of this house are closed for you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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