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Anupama 6th April 2021 Anupama slips while walking. Vanraj holds her and asks to be careful. She reminisces him telling speaking about separation is right, but when they realize that their years’ old relationship will end with just a signature, their hands won’t raise at all. She says she has to walk through rough roads from hereon. He says whenever she needs his help, he is always there for her. She reminisces him warning her to ruin her life, etc., and says she will. Baa hears neighbors badmouthing about Anu and fights with them. Pakhi tries to control her, but when neighbors cross their limits Baa warns them to dare not talk about her bahu.

Neighbor says her bahu is thinking of divorce even after her husband returned home. Baa warns to shut her mouth. Neighbor continues. Baa takes Anu’s side and reveals what neighbor’s bahu does. Neighbor says Anu is characterless. Baa gives her a tight slap. Pakhi brings Bapuji, Kinjal, and Mamaji. Neighbor calls police and complains that Baa is trying to kill her. Inspector says he has to arrest Baa. Mamaji asks to arrest him instead. Rakhi reaches with lawyer and warns neighbor that she will send her to jail for physically and mentally harassing a senior citizen, etc. Nieghbor takes back her complaint and leaves. Rakhi then taunts Kavya that Vanraj and Anu will stay in resort tonight due to curfew in city outskirts and greets Anirudh. Kavuya stands fuming.

Back home, Rakhi calms down Baa. Baa thanks Rakhi for helping her or else she would have been in Kanhaji’s birthplace/jail. Rakhi says how can that happen as only Baa is a fierce opponent in this house. Mamaji flirts with Rakhi. Bapuji reminds Rakhi is married and tells Baa that she for the first time took Anu’s side and expressed her motherhood. Baa says if she had educated Anu, divorce wouldn’t have happened and prays god to clear Anu and Vanraj’s differences. Anirudh offers Kavya for coffee and she agrees.

Anu continues walking with Vanraj and reminisces him warning her to give a befitting reply to her divorce notice, him telling he will be with her whenever she needs help, him telling until she was with him he was fine and any problem was far away from her and describes how she used to take care of her, etc.

Kavya enjoys coffee with Anirudh and remembers their past days. He says it was his company’s effect and not coffee and says whenever he visits Ahmedadbad, he visits this place hoping she would come there, but she never comes there. She says he never let anyone else in his life. She says she did though and asks if she is happy. She says she doesn’t regret her decision and even experiences peace in pain. He says whom they loved gave them more pain than love and hopes her fate shouldn’t be like him and her boyfriend gives her place in both his house and heart.

Baa cooks food yelling that even with 2 bahus present, she has to cook. Kinjal asks her to go and rest while she prepares food. Baa says she will cook half boiled food. Rakhi ent4ers and insists Baa to go and rest while she cooks. Baa asks she shouldn’t order food. Rakhi says she also can cook, but not tastier than Anu and insists her again to go and rest. Baa tells Kinjal that before she stumbles seeing Rakhi’s goodness at once in a single day, she will go out. Rakhi prepares food and serves family. Maamjji flirts with her again. She gives him a befitting reply. Bapuji asks if she can cook. She says even she is a mother. Baa says she wants to call her by name and not nagin. Raki says she can if she calls her again again from tomorrow. Baa thanks her again. Pakhi pays Anu and Vanraj’s dance on Madhubana me Kanha kisi Gopi se mile.. song. Baa says her beta and bahu look so nice together. They all remember that event day. Baa hopes her beta and bahu remember the moments and be happy whever they are.

Anupama 7th April 2021 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj while returning home asks Anu when shall they inform family about their divorce proceedings. Kavya thinks of informing family about it and spoil their happiness. When Anu and Vanraj return, Kavya taunts that they are world’s coolest couple who went on picnic just before 3 days of their divorce.

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