You Can Get A Bright Yellow Pineapple Water Bottle From Starbucks That Looks Exactly Like The Fruit

As the warmer weather approaches (slowly but surely), we tend to switch from dark color schemes to bright and vibrant colors.

We say goodbye to the cool blue Starbucks tumbler and welcome with open arms the honeypot mug and brightly colored cold cups.

To mach the aesthetic of summer, the yellows, oranges, and greens move to the front while the purples, blues and greys switch to the back.

So without further ado, here’s introducing Starbuck’s bright yellow, pineapple water bottle!

During the summer, it’s imperative during 90° weather to drink at least eight, eight ounce cups of water a day, which is why this pineapple Starbucks cold cup makes sipping more fun, rather than a chore.

This pineapple water bottle is slim, but fits a full 17 ounces of water and is conveniently packed in a bright yellow bag with orange drawstrings!

You can currently get Starbuck’s pineapple water bottle for $60 on Ebay and before you swipe the credit card, make room in that cabinet first!

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