If you go from false eyelashes but want to show them off just as long and spectacular, try this natural serum now to have them incredible

To achieve these goals, Peony Limitless Eyelash Serum of uses a large concentration of plant hair growth factors such as azuki sprout, mozuku, wakame, turmeric and castor oil. These act directly on the phases of the hair cycle, lengthening the growth phase and reducing the fall phase. Do you know what that means? That those diva lashes you dream of are closer than ever, and all this with the peace of mind of applying safe ingredients to them, in which you can trust that area of ​​your anatomy that you have so much appreciation for.

Results that speak for themselves.

We have already talked about theory, but we know that you are more practical, and, above all, demands effectiveness. Well, the numbers do not deceive, since this star signing gets some tabs a 6.7% longer and stronger. Impressed? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. In addition, it increases the amount up to 7.6%. This is due to the action of castor oil, scutellaria and wakame seaweed, an infallible cocktail that provides the cells of our follicle with an extra amount of energy. Do you want more? Well, it points: color intensity rises up to 47%, brightness by 29% and resistance by 31%. Proof of the most demanding! In this case, we must thank the action of amla and olive biomolecules for these virtues, two natural assets that also fight and prevent aging and the environmental effects that cause hair loss, loss of density and strength. Come on, put it to the test and see how it impresses you.

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