Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – SURPRISE (EP 47)

Episode starts

Its next morning in Greece. Kartik and Naira are in their hotel room when the door is knocked

Kartik opens it and finds someone with a camera outside

Kartik: Whats this?

Guy: Is this Mr.Kartik Goenka from India?

Kartik: Yeah

Guy: We have been booked for your post wedding photoshoot

Naira is surprised and jumps off the cot

Kartik: But..

His phone rings. It is Naksh

Naksh: Kartik…did the photographers come?

Kartik: Haan Naksh

Naksh: We booked them for you both..we means Me and Keerthi. You have recovered and went to Greece for your honeymoon. There is no other place more romantic than Greece for a perfect photoshoot for you guys. Please dont refuse.Kartik: Arrey Naksh this is so awesome. Thank you so much saale saab

Naira: Thank you bhai

Naksh: Bas bas go and get ready.

Kaira get happy and get ready for the photoshoot.

Oberoi Mansion

Anika is petrified as Shivaay isnt back for the past one week. She is walking in a careless manner as her thoughts are on Shivaay and hits on the coffee table.Anika: Ouch..

She sits down tending to her leg when she finds a note there

Anika: Khanna..khanna

Note: Anika Our Priyanka is dead. Im going to get her.

Khanna: Yes Mam

She shows him the note

Khanna: Mam..this is doubtful. I think this is related with sir’s disappearance. I will get his call history and try to know what happened.

Anika: Do it fast. I will find about Priyanka and Jai by then

Bhalla house

Aliya is weeping constantly. Ishitha consoles her

Adi: Ishima I have asked ACP Abishek to investigate what happened to Appa

Raman: Thats a good job Adi

Ruhi: Do you suspect something Adi bhaiya?

Shagun: Anika said Shivaay is missing too for a week

Adi: What?

Raman: Why didn’t you tell earlier?

Shagun: You were busy in searching Aliya’s Appa thats why. Anyway Khanna and security forces are searching

Ruhi: Sudden accident of Mani uncle a week ago and disappearance of Shivaay Jiju in the same time sounds fishy na

All agree with her.Adi: Then we must think in the same way for both cases. Ill inform Abhishek. Good one Ruhi.

Chukaar gayiTeri chuhaaanBeheke hu mein aurMeheka hai maanMaare khushi keeMaar jaun naaPagal banayeeYeh ishqpun

As Kaira pose for pictures Kartik slowly whispers I love you in Naira’s ears. She turns red

Kartik: Now you are the perfect new bride

Puree badaan pe tera naam chal raha haiDekho na pyaar pyaar pyaar likh rahaaaThey forget the surroundings and get into their own romantic world

The photographers cannot stop gushing over their chemistry and romanceYeh woh khushi hai joye dil hi jaanta haiiiSassoon se in dhadkano takPalko ki jhapki taleYaha wahaHaiii tuMujhme rawaHaiii tuYaha wahaHai tuMujheme rawaHaiii tuYaha waha

Hours later in Greece

Naira gets a phone call. Its Nethra

Naira: Hey Nethra

Nethra: Hey love bird. Your chemistry is top notch. Your honeymoon is so famous now baby

Naira: I did not get you

Nethra: Open the social media and see

Naira grabs Kartik’s mobile and opens the social media. The selfie they had posted along with the pictures taken by the guy the previous day have gone viral. With so many likes. Naira also spots a news article

News: Actor Kartik Goenka who was paralysed seems to have recovered from it and is currently enjoying the honeymoon with his wife in Greece.His latest movie has been sent to movie fests and is doing great there. Many awards will be awarded is what experts say. The young champ has a great future

Kartik: These are the same people who questioned my future earlier

Naira: Thats the job of media

They spot another news stating that Kartik is using Naira for his publicity. This upsets him

Nethra: Hey Kartik see only the good ones man. Your love for Naira needs no verification from these idiots. Naira knows it. We know it thats enough

Naira: Haan Kartik. Dont take to heart

Kartik: Ill keep our romance and other things personal from now. It must not affect her

Voice: Hey idiot girls love PDA. Im being scolded by Nethra for not being public with her like you are with Naira. But what to do we arent married like you both

Kartik: Varun..?

Varun: Haan its me. Kartik so hapoy for your recovery. And regarding the negative news dont give any importance to it. You remain the same

Nethra: Haan..okay we are disconnecting the call  now. Its not fair to talk to a honeymoon couple more than this

As the call disconnects Kartik pulls Naira into his arms

Kartik: Do you think Im doing all this…

Naira: Shut up. These people are just jealous of me.Kartik: What?

Naira: Haan…many girls dont get so much PDA from their celebrity husband like me. And your fans will be jealous too that Im getting all your attention. Thats why they are talking like this. Haters will be jealous as you have recovered so fast while they thought you will never be up, so you need not worry about it.Kartik: So you enjoy PDA

Naira: Of course.Kartik kisses her

Bhalla house

Riya is back home but is dull . Romi comes to her

Once he settles near her she rests her head in his lap and starts to weep. He is shocked.

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