Toledo does not rule out asking to be a catastrophic zone January 13, 2021

The mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, has confirmed that the City Council does not rule out asking that the city be declared a catastrophic zone through the Government Delegation in order to be able to opt for aid that comes to alleviate the effects of the passage of the storm ‘Filomena’ by the Imperial City.

For this, he stressed, they have to meet a series of conditions that are now being studied. “Possibly that will be requested and the Government is giving us all the facilities,” he indicated, pointing to express questions about the possibility of availing himself of the previously called catastrophic zone figure that “is not ruled out.”


Throughout the day this Wednesday, as detailed, work has been done on sidewalks, access to schools, both concerted and public and private, and has insisted on the tasks of municipal competence in view of the opening of the colleges.

In addition, although the intention is not to open the schools until at least Monday, it has left the door open for the suspension of the classroom activity to be extended one day more than next week.

“We say that they will not open before the 18th. The objective is to have everything prepared to resume classes in person, but I insist that the inspection of the school buildings by the Board is important”, he has abounded, although recognizes that there is “coordination” between both administrations after the crossing of statements in recent days on account of the powers of each to open the doors of the centers.


The Toledo councilor has advanced that the Local Government Board this Wednesday has approved a fund of 150,000 euros to face initially and at the expense of expanding the credit the extraordinary expenses assumed by the municipal coffers, as well as the contracting of cleaning services . This allocation will be used to buy material and to hire extraordinary personnel.

Since this Thursday, it has advanced, there will be a supply of salt among the neighbors, after having contracted eleven bathtubs with 300 tons that will be distributed in different parts of the city to make them available to the neighbors.

It will be distributed in the civic centers of the Polígono, Palomarejos, Santa Bárbara, Buenavista, Valparaíso, Azucaica, Fire Station and Plaza de Zocodover.

In the same way, the telephone number 670 71 65 93 is made available to attend to requests. Toulon has asked the neighbors to be the ones who carry the containers where they want to transport the salt, which will be distributed in bulk.

Looking ahead to this Thursday, as it has advanced, the arrival of another contingent with 52 soldiers of the Army is expected with specific machinery to work in the streets of the city, prioritizing the Helmet of Toledo, where still 80% of the streets are affected.


The urban buses are still suspended, since the technicians do not advise their putting into operation yet; while 65 of the 86 taxis in the fleet are already working.

Garbage collection, on your side, works at 75%. “It is not collected where it is impossible to access, obviously. The Casco is 80% covered, so it still cannot be collected on many streets “

In his review of the day’s activity, he indicated that the firefighters have attended 40 warnings for falls and landslides, plus 168 interventions through the Local Police force.

Toulon has warned of an attempted fraud by people who, posing as municipal employees, try to collect on behalf of the City Council on behalf of the storm. With regard to the strategy in parks and gardens, the work to remove fallen branches will be reinforced, with five chainsaw operators.

“Little by little the city resumed its activity, very slowly, with many days of work ahead. But we are seeing better mobility ”, he indicated.

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