The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel : un docusérie Netflix sur l’affaire Elisa Lam

“The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” is Netflix’s next court case docuseries. This one is very strange to say the least because it will be about Elisa Lam. A woman who died in murky circumstances and caused an internet phenomenon in 2013.

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel : the new docuseries of Netflix

Netflix is the place to be to find content related to surveys. The platform uses and abuses the docuseries format to exploit anything that has consistency. Fans of the genre will not complain, the quality is often there if you like these sticky atmospheres. The most interesting stories are those where the truth is not known. Thus, the viewer can participate in the survey and form his own opinion. This will be the case for The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Variety announces that Netflix will launch next February 10 a new anthological series titled Crime Scene. The concept is to explore different places that have a disturbing reputation.

The first season, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, will make us enter this American establishment. Located in Los Angeles, it has been the scene of several sordid dramas. Crimes, suicides and even events described as paranormal. You may have even heard of it before because it is important in the Black Daliah case. The Night Tracker, which has just had its Netflix documentary, has also stayed there. The series will talk about the Elisa Lam case but will evoke more generally the history of this place where it is better not to plan your holidays.

Murder or suicide?

Elisa Lam was a Canadian student in her twenties traveling to the United States. In 2013, she passed into the Cecil Hotel and was killed there. His family had raised the alarm after his disappearance. It was in the water tank located on the roof of the building that his lifeless body was found. A terrible discovery, which came after residents of the Cecil Hotel complained about poor water quality. An investigation has been opened to shed light on his death.

The police come across images taken from a surveillance camera and discover a very strange situation. The young woman goes back and forth in the elevator, for no real reason. Looking lost, she seems to be waiting for something or running away from someone, as evidenced by this strange moment when she is in hiding when nothing threatening is noticeable on the screen. The police do not understand much of the situation and will decide to release the video. When Internet users discover it, the hypotheses will multiply. Sunday investigators will try to unveil the Elisa Lam mystery. Without results. Even nowadays, we may look at it several times, no clear explanation emerges.

The examinations carried out on his corpse will lead to accidental death by drowning. A conclusion that does not solve much even if the troubled behavior of Elisa Lam leads to believe that she could be the only one responsible. Indeed, those around her knew that she was suffering from bipolar disorder. Did the events of the Cecil Hotel take place in a moment of frantic delirium? Or is someone responsible for his fate? It is hard to imagine what credible journey she could have taken to this cistern without the intervention of someone else. The Netflix docuseries will surely bring us some elements to get a more precise idea. If you want to take a step ahead, we suggest you discover the viral video of the elevator:

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