LA Chargers: The biggest concern with each interviewed head coach

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) – LA Chargers

Every potential next head coach of the LA Chargers has some sort of flaw.

The LA Chargers are in the hiring process of replacing Anthony Lynn at head coach and have compiled quite the list of candidates that they have interviewed. While the team has not yet confirmed any of the interviews, there are thus far.

The Chargers have interviewed Colts DC Matt Eberflus, Titans OC Arthur Smith, Bills OC Brian Daboll, Panthers OC Joe Brady, Rams DC Brandon Staley, 49ers DC Robert Saleh, Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy and Giants OC Jason Garrett.

There could be more candidates added to the list, but for now, those are the eight names that we know for certain the Chargers are considering.

While some options are more popular than others, the once common denominator of all these coaches is that they are not perfect and all have their own concerns. We decided to pinpoint the biggest concern of each potential new head coach, to help Charger fans weigh the options.

Jason Garrett: He is Jason Garrett

The biggest concern with Jason Garrett is that his name is Jason Garrett and he is the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and current offensive coordinator of the New York Giants. That really should be enough to scare the Chargers away.

In all seriousness, I just cannot see how hiring Garrett could be spun positively in any way. Garrett is another player’s coach who does not make good in-game decisions and has made the Giants’ offense worse, not better.

The Chargers just got through that with Anthony Lynn. Why would they want to go through it again with Garrett? The Bolts would have just been better off keeping Lynn and his system in place rather than replacing him with another version of himself.

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