Digital Artist Makes Post-Soviet Cities Flourish In His Digital Reconstructions (21 Pics)

A digital artist and blogger from Ukraine, Andrey Goopsa, shows how typical post-Soviet cities should look in the 21st century with the right approach towards improvement. He decided to fix what these countries are failing to achieve in years in his project called “Flourishing.”

For two years, Goopsa has been searching for real locations in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus that desperately need a modern makeover and reimagining them with the help of Photoshop so that they can flourish right before our eyes. He also rebuilds the abandoned Pripyat to show how the city would look if the Chernobyl nuclear disaster had never happened.

Here are Goopsa’s before and after images that juxtapose the harsh reality former cities of the USSR still live in with how they should have prospered. This will hit close to home for those living in any post-Soviet country.

More info: Instagram | vk.com | youtube.com

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