‘The Office’ Was the Most-Streamed Show of 2020

When the Streaming Wars started to gain momentum a couple of years ago, one of the main pieces on the metaphorical battlefield was The Office, the mega-popular former NBC sitcom about a group of paper company employees and their ridiculous boss. The show has reliably been a huge performer on whatever streaming platform it’s on, and The Office once again dominated the competition last year. According to some new measurements, it was the most-streamed show of 2020 in the United States…and second place didn’t even come close.

But those disappointing seasons in the back half of the show’s run have not stopped people from watching the series in serious numbers: according to Variety, Americans streamed more than 57 billion minutes of The Office on Netflix last year. (That information is according to Nielsen, since the people at Netflix are famously stingy about releasing useful viewership data themselves.) That’s a staggering number – and one that becomes even more impressive when you learn that the second place series, Grey’s Anatomy, was streamed for 39.4 billion minutes.

Of course, it’s important to note that Netflix will not benefit from The Office in 2021, since the show migrated over to Peacock starting on January 1 (and Peacock is really taking advantage of having the show under its wing).

Head over to Variety to see the full breakdown, but here is Nielsen’s full list of the top streaming content of 2020 when it comes to original series.

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