Star Wars : Lucasfilm fait le point sur sa timeline et renomme la prélogie

Some people may find it difficult to put all of the Star Wars projects back into the general timeline. With the arrival of the development of The High Republic, Lucasfilm reorganizes its universe with a very clear plan and takes the opportunity to give a new official name to the prelogy.

Universe Star Wars welcomes the High Republic

Understand the timeline of Star Wars with the three trilogies released in the cinema is not particularly complicated. You just have to place the one that came out first after the second. The third remains the conclusion. On the other hand, trying to put everything back in the right order by taking into account the series and the books requires a little more knowledge on the subject. More now that is launched the part The High Republic with early literary works. Universe Star Wars is starting to find a new extension that will soon be brought to our screens.

The High Republic, or The High Republic in French, is a chapter that unfolds many years before the events of the Skywalker saga. During this period, the galaxy is the best place to live even if certain dangers exist depending on the corners in which we go. The threat of the Sith is slim because they are not widespread. The rule of Two restricts this camp. It prevents more than two Sith from existing at the same time. One must be the teacher, and the second a student whose goal is to challenge the other. This rule, which ensures general tranquility, will be broken during this period. In secret, the Sith are preparing a move to settle in the galaxy. Series The Acolyte by Leslye Headlan for Disney + will take place during the last moments of La Haute République.

The full point on the timeline

On the occasion of this major addition to the timeline, Lucasfilm has decided to reorganize its universe. Nothing better than a beautiful frieze to understand at a glance what it is:

Note that the chapter in which the prelogy is found has just been given an official name: Fall of the Jedi (The Fall of the Jedi). A title that necessarily refers to the fate of Anakin Skywalker (considered the savior, he drifted to the dark side) and that of the Jedi as a whole.

Next, we note that a gap is left between the Reign of the Empire and the Age of Rebellion. Does this mean that Lucasfilm will attempt to explore this period in the future? We can think so because we do not see the interest of such a layout. However, the time lapse between these two chapters is not that great. We’re talking about a handful of years. Either the moment when Luke is growing up. Series Obi-Wan Kenobi will also take place during the youth of the future Jedi but it can very well be placed in the Kingdom of the Empire part. The televisual adventures on Cassian Andor and Lando will also be positioned more or less in this temporality.

After the death of Darth Vader, we find The New Republic. The Mandalorian happens in this space between the two trilogies. The moment the Empire has been defeated and another threat (The New Order) grows in the shadows. During Investor Day, two series taking place during these years were announced: Ahsoka and Rangers of The New Republic. We can’t wait to see what their contribution will be to the overall work.

Finally, we end with The Rise of the First Order, which contains the contested last trilogy as well as the animated series Resistance. And after ? We do not yet know clearly whether Disney and Lucasfilm are going to unveil any stories that take place after the Skywalker Saga. The projects for the cinema are very mysterious and the information is insufficient to allow us to place them in this timeline.

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