Indiawaali Maa 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kaku and Hasmukh find a house in Bangalore

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Kaku was unhappy about the condition of the house. The deposit and house rent was also high. The broker says another party is offering them huge money. Kaku speaks to Chandraprabha that they have other expense as well. Chandraprabha requests Kaku to wait for tomorrow, she will arrange another residence till tomorrow. She leaves. Kaku was tensed.Rohan comes to Cheenu’s room at Mr. Murti’s residence. He holds her photo, recalling their past. Meenu brings him coffee she made. Rohan says he just had coffee with her dad. Meenu says Cheenu must not have left him alone, he shouldn’t think about her as she does not care at all. Rohan replies he is trying not to think of her, but it isn’t easy. There have always been differences between them, but his love for her does not end. He fears of losing her even today. Meenu comments she is lucky to have him. Rohan turns to leave when Meenu deliberately spills the coffee. He carefully handles the burns. Meenu stares at him.

Hasmukh was sitting on the reception of the hospital with his luggage. Kaku asks why he came out, did he take the discharge. Kaku whispers she could not arrange for a house to live. She requests the receptionist to go back to their room. The receptionist apologizes that their room is no more vacant. Kaku dials Chandraprabha’s number. The receptionist requests Kaku to take the patient. She leaves with Hasmukh.

They spend the night under open sky because Hasmukh was not ready to go to Rohan’s house. He takes Kaku’s promise not to tell anyone about being in Bangalore. Kaku cries on the bench. Soon, there was a thunderstorm and it starts to rain. She covers Hasmukh with a blanket and drapes herself in a shawl. Hasmukh still felt cold, so she not covers Hasmukh with the shawl, while she waits under a stall.

In the morning, the stall owner comes to wake them up. Kaku requests him to let them some space, as they have no place to live right now. She calls Chandraprabha and requests her to finalize the house they saw last night. Chandraprabha requests them to come to her house. Kaku wanted to finalize the house for rent. They set for the house.

Hasmukh asks Kaku where she will take an ailing man in this city. It was his duty. Kaku says he has taken care of them always. This time will be spent. Now, he has to take care of himself and recover. She also promised to stand besides him in everything. Hasmukh wanted to go to Bujh. Kaku says doctor has forbidden them for travel. She convinces him to stay here.Mr. Murti offers Rohan their new project in construction business. He feels Rohan’s marketing knowledge will help them.

PRECAP: Kaku and Hasmukh reach Anand Nagar society. Rohan also comes to the society.

Update Credit to: Sona

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