Hugh Grant was originally meant to be Black Mirror’s pig sex Prime Minister

Hugh Grant has revealed that he was initially lined-up to be in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror years ago – as the Prime Minister who had sex with a pig.

The actor most recently worked with Brooker for Netflix’s Death To 2020, has spoken out about being approached for a previous role in the twisted series back in 2011 – Black Mirror’s first ever episode, The National Anthem.

But it would’ve come at a cost though – that cost being us never being able to look at him dance around the room as the Love Actually PM ever again.

‘I’ve got this feeling I was offered a part in one ages ago. Was there one in which the Prime Minister has to have sex with a pig?,’ he told Digital Spy.

‘Yeah. I think I was offered a part in that. Maybe I was the Prime Minister. I can’t remember.’

Unfortunately, he had to turn the role down as he was already filming another project, and Skyfall and Penny Dreadful star Rory Kinnear becoming the shamed leader instead.

In The National Anthem, the Prime Minister Michael Callow is forced into having sex with a pig live on television by terrorists who have kidnapped the Princess Susanna.

Saying they will kill her if Callow doesn’t comply to their demands, it’s decided that he has to go through with it.

In a gut-wrenching twist, it’s discovered that the princess was let go moments before the transmission, and he didn’t have to do it at all.

While each episode of Black Mirror functions as standalone episodes, easter eggs in newspaper clippings, online articles and news blasts in other episodes have given updates on what he’s been doing.

In the interactive episode Bandersnatch, it was revealed Callow had signed up to the latest series of Celebrity Bake Off.

Black Mirror is available now on Netflix.

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