All monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise demo

Hankering for a hunt? The Monster Hunter Rise demo is available until February 1st and provides a healthy 30 runs for players to jump into and track down mighty beasts. But which beasts exactly? Below, we’ll take you through all the monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise demo that you can head out and try your hunting skills against.

All monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise demo

The Monster Hunter Rise demo offers two main hunts to try out, centered on the Great Izuchi and the Mizutsune. While these two mighty beasts (or not, in the case of the Izuchi) are the focus of the hunts, they aren’t the only creatures you can find in each. Below, we’ll list the details on all the monsters you can find in both hunts for Monster Hunter Rise.

Great Izuchi hunt monsters

Arzuros: A large, bear-like Fanged Beast monster, Arzuros loves honey and appears quite cute until you get up close and see its gigantic claws and armor plating. Arzuros will attempt to forage for honey to recover its health and stamina. It’ll even steal honey from the player if it successfully pins you.

Mizutsune hunt monsters

Mizutsune:The focus of the hunt. This Leviathan appears as a beautiful, lithe dragon with a bushy tail. Its unique ability allows it to spawn bubbles which can debuff hunters and make them extremely slippery to control. Two Bubbleblight status effects will make the hunter almost impossible to control. Use a Cleanser to remove the effect from yourself.

Great Izuchi: Also appears in this hunt

Rathian: One of the series’ most famous, mighty beasts. The Rathian is a Flying Wyvern capable of breathing fire and striking with its poisonous tail. Its head is a weakpoint, and you can also cut off its tail if needed. Expect a challenging fight here if you’re new to the series.

And those are all the monsters we know of in the Monster Hunter Rise demo. Have fun hunting them all while you wait for the full game! Click here to head to our hub page for the game to find more tips and tricks.

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