This Professional Troll Baits Anti-Vaxxers And Covidiots, Pokes Fun At Them

Over 29 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have already been administered as nations worldwide are rushing to immunize their populations. Starting with essential workers and the most vulnerable.

Thinking for yourself and having some healthy skepticism is always a plus, especially when there are potential long-term side-effects to take into account about Covid-19 vaccines. But that’s just one side of the scale. On the other side is the internet being full to the brim with conspiracy theories about the Pfizer-BioNTech jab, ranging from talks about alleged 5G-controlled microchips being injected into your bloodstream to rumors that it would supposedly alter your DNA.

On the frontline against this disinformation is professional troll Ben Palmer, from Los Angeles, in California. He’s racing through the internet pretending to be an anti-vaxxer under different names, only to pull the rug from the feet of real vaccine skeptics and Covid-19 deniers while having a laugh. Scroll down and have a look below.

But before we begin, here is a link to the FDA’s fact sheet about the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

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Palmer has been baiting anti-vaxxers by pretending to be a vaccine skeptic under different names

Image credits: palmertrolls

Image credits: palmertrolls

Image credits: palmertrolls

Image credits: palmertrolls

One person who has full confidence in the coronavirus vaccines is a New York Covid ICU nurse who goes by the name That ICU Nurse (previously Galactic Gardener) on Instagram. She told Bored Panda that, for her, the benefits far outweigh the potential negatives of getting a vaccine. She got her two Pfizer shots (the first in December 2020, the second in January 2021) despite already having overcome Covid earlier.

“I see every day in the ICU the deaths from and long-term effects of Covid infections,” she explained the harsh reality of her job which provides countless reasons for her not to doubt the importance of getting vaccinated.

“I have had Covid and know that the risk of reinfection is possible. To me, the risk of unknown long term effects of a vaccine is underruled by the risk of death at the hands of Covid-19,” she put it plain and simple. Whether you agree or disagree with the nurse’s take on things is entirely up to you, dear Pandas—but it’s a frontline worker’s view of Pfizer and it should be taken into account.

Here’s how people reacted when they saw Palmer trolling anti-vaxxers online

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