The news is not the return of Sex in New York but that Kim Cattrall will NOT be in it

Sarah Jessica Parker confirms it on his Instagram account full of happiness: this 2021 there will be a return of Sex in New York, specifically in HBO Max, after months of rumors. What is this that second parts were never good? In this case, it would be the umpteenth part since it would return as a series, its original format, at a perfect time since it seems that this year we will continue to spend a lot of time at home. Of course, do not think that everything will be as it ended in 2004: there will be ALMOST all its original cast since Kim Cattrall definitely will not be in this cast. Surprised? Yes and no.

Kim had many reasons not to continue in the saga of Sex in New York. And it is her enmity with her fellow filmmakers (along with her desire to turn the page with the character of Samantha) which has led the actress not to participate in this return to television, which, on the other hand, is it necessary? Here many doubts arise.

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