The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 2 recap: Queen Victoria loses her cool

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25 had two adventurous dates, a physical group date competition, and someone almost fainting during the rose ceremony.

This week, The Bachelor Season 25 started with a date between Matt James and Bri Springs. The couple rode around on four-wheelers and crashed while in the mud. Neither had injuries and later recovered in a hot tub. The minor accident brought them closer together, and they bonded even more during dinner. Both of them came from families with somewhat absent fathers, and Bri shared that she wanted to find a man who would be her family.

Back at the house, immediately voiced her jealousy about Bri having the date with Matt. She didn’t make many friends as she continued to express negative thoughts. Victoria even said she didn’t want to be on a group date. But when the date card arrived, Victoria’s name was listed.

It was a large group date with 18 women. They picked out wedding dresses to take pictures with Matt. The photoshoot quickly came to a halt when Chris Harrison announced that the ladies would be competing for more time with Matt in a flag football type game. The women split into two teams, and they had to fight their way to steal a heart pillow from the opposing team. Lauren  Maddox received the group date rose later that night.

Sarah Trott had the last date, leaving four women without dates this week. Matt and Sarah had an adventurous time flying in a biplane. Then during dinner, Sarah opened up about her father’s diagnosis with ALS. It was a difficult conversation, but Matt appreciated Sarah opening up to him.

During the cocktail party, Marylynn Sienna told Matt that she was worried because she didn’t have a date that week. Matt was so sweet and gave Marylynn an orchid, her favorite flower. Marylynn felt reassured, but on the side, Victoria told Matt that Marylynn was toxic. The drama continued to unfold, and not everyone had time with Matt. Everyone was nervous going into the rose ceremony, but it quickly ended when Sarah felt faint and stepped away.

The next episode of The Bachelor Season 25 is Monday, Jan. 18th, on ABC at 8 PM EST!

Who do you think Matt will send home, Victoria or Marylynn, during the rose ceremony? Let us know in the comments!

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