Shaadi Mubarak 12th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

KT saying I still love Nandini, I have always loved her. Kushala asks do you still love her. KT says yes, I have never left loving her. Nandini thinks KT really loves me. Shivraj asks what are you saying. KT says yes, it was my hatred before, my hatred lost to my love, my love has won. Preeti whistles and comes there with a bag. She says I won’t give my husband to anyone, Nandini take your bag and leave. Nandini refuses. Preeti says fine, I will drag you out. She drags Nandini. Arjun says if mom doesn’t stay here, then I will also leave. Preeti says fine, its your wish, I can’t lose my husband to unite a father and son. Shivraj says Preeti is right, a wife can’t stay when her husband’s first wife is also there. Preeti thanks him for understanding. She asks Nandini to leave. KT shouts stop…..

He holds Nandini’s hand and says she won’t go anywhere, its my house, I will decide who stays here and who doesn’t. Shivraj says Nandini is your past, Preeti is your present, let Nandini go. KT asks how can I let her go, I will also leave the house with Nandini and Arjun. Kushala asks Shivraj to let KT do anything he wants. KT and Preeti apologize to Shivraj in their hearts. Preeti says fine, I was doing this for you, if you don’t stay here, then how will it matter. She asks Nandini to know that she won’t let her live in peace. Preeti goes smiling. KT gets her call. Nandini comes and asks are you talking to Preeti. He acts and disconnects. He says this is because of you, you should have come to me and apologized, I would have forgiven you, you didn’t do right. Preeti sees the camera in the vase. She says you wanted to see what’s happening in my room, now you will see what I want to show, your truth will get exposed. Nandini says you don’t want to stay with Preeti. KT says yes. She says you won’t stay with her now. He asks what will you do. She says you don’t worry, we will go on a romantic date, thanks Keertan. She hugs him and smiles.

Preeti gets his message, Nandini wants to go on a date with him. Preeti thinks why don’t I help Nandini in getting ready. She gets some black ink. She says now you will have a perfect date. She goes to Nandini’s room and replaces a bottle. She sees Nandini coming and hides. Nandini says now I will show my charm to KT, he will leave Preeti, he will be close to me today.

Preeti hides and leaves from the room. Nandini uses a spray. Her face turns black. KT holds Preeti. Everyone asks what’s happening. Nandini comes to ask. They all see her and laugh. Nandini asks what’s happening. Preeti jokes on her. She says one who casts bad sight on other’s husbands, their face gets black like this. Nandini asks her to stop nonsense. Preeti clicks her pic. She asks Nandini to see. Nandini gets shocked. She says you did this right. Preeti says no, your heart’s black colour has come out. KT asks Nandini to wash her face and come, she looks ugly. Preeti sings Aap ka kya hoga….. and goes. KT smiles.

Kushala asks Shivraj what happened to her, he has to think for KT. He asks what about Preeti. She says if he is happy with Nandini, they can stay together. He says Preeti is the right life partner for KT and she is right for this family. Neil looks on. He thinks Kushala believes in love, if I tell her about Priyanka, then she will understand. He goes to her and says I need to talk to you, I can’t marry where you have decided, I love someone else. She says I won’t support your foolish decision, your relation is fixed, its final. He says I love someone else. She says love can happen with anyone. He says you just said that KT should live with one he loves. She says its about KT, but you just do what I say, that’s final. She goes.

KT and Preeti meet in the bathroom. They laugh. He says you sang a song and teased Nandini, it was much fun, I m seeing your new avatars after marriage. She asks why did you call me here. He says you said we will meet here and make plans secretly. She says I have to tell you something. Nandini asks him to come out, whose voice is coming from inside.

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