Khloe Kardashian called out for misleading followers by posting heavily altered images: ‘She just abused Photoshop’

A popular photo editing watchdog account on Instagram has just exposed Khloe Kardashian, and social media observers are troubled by her misleading images. Instagram account Celebface was quick to call out the reality TV star and accused her of using Photoshop and Facetune to heavily edit her images.

The watchdog page shared photos of the mother-of-one’s face as it appears on her social media accounts compared to how she looks in paparazzi photos. Now, followers are begging Khloe to stop overusing filters so much.

Celebface, which is followed by over 1.2 million people on Instagram, says in its bio: “If you don’t want to see the truth leave this page.” The page is notorious for regularly exposing shady and misleading photo editing done by high profile social media influencers as well as celebrities. “Remember, you can’t Facetune your energy… but you can always Facetune your face,” the page admin wrote alongside comparisons of Khloe’s images.

The photos perfectly highlighted the difference between how an event photographer captures Khloe versus the altered images she puts out for her more than 100 million followers. “The first one isn’t [Khloe] no way I refuse to believe. That’s a whole new face,” one commented.

“Man she acts like we can’t all see her on TV,” another wrote.

“God she just abused Photoshop,” a third user asserted.

“Getting all that surgery done and then still tune their face digitally the joke is on their side for sure,” another commented.

Celebface also uploaded a video of how the Good American co-founder had tried to make her buttocks look smaller than they really are. “I’m confused as to why she made her butt smaller in the picture, but yet paid a ton of money for it to be huge in the first place?!” one user wondered.

Several others shared similar concerns. While it is obvious that Khloe’s figure has drastically changed over the past few years, the TV personality has attributed the transformation to a disciplined workout regime.

“Sorry 2disappoint… I’ve always had an a**. I know it’s more fun 2believe it’s not real, kind of a compliment since I kill myself in the gym,” she once said.

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