‘Popularity sankat mein hai,’ Taimur Ali Khan trends as Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli announce the arrival of their daughter – view tweets

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli today announced the arrival of their daughter. While many congratulatory wishes started pouring in for the couple, Taimur Ali Khan also started trending. The basic theme was that Tim’s popularity would now be affected. Have a look at some of the reactions: Also Read – OMG! Did you know Anushka Sharma was the classmate of THIS Indian cricketer’s wife?

Virat and Anushka blessed with a baby girl

Taimur who knows his younger sibling is also on the way

— Sidhansh (@sidhasidhansh)

and bleseed with a child.

*Le Taimur :

— Perplexed Grl ?? (@kuhuuuuu_)

and are blessed with a baby girl

Meanwhile Taimur:

— DEFINITE (@SastaSarcasam)

Whenever a star kid born….!?

*Le taimur

— ??Munis Qureshi?? (@Munisazizi)

Don’t rule out Saif.. https://t.co/6LMDcZVvt1

— Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt)

After seeing the hype of baby girl of Virat kohli and anushka sharma…

Meanwhile Taimur :- ??

— Siddharth❤ (@Siddhupaji_)

*Virat and Anushka are blessed with a baby girl*Media to Taimur:

— رومانا (@RomanaRaza)

Talking to Vogue magazine, Anushka had earlier said, “There are so many similarities in the way we are as people and the way we approach life. So I do think that will work for us. I’ve been thinking about it before I even became a parent. Conditioning is the most important role in how we see the world. I come from a progressive background, so that will always be a part of our home. Love is the underlying factor in our home, and what’s important to us is that our child be respectful of people. You have to create that value structure. We don’t want to raise brats.” Also Read – CONGRATULATIONS! Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma become parents to a baby girl

She had also revealed that she and Virat will keep their baby away from social media as she asserted, “We’ve thought about it a lot. We definitely do not want to raise a child in the public eye—we don’t plan on engaging our child in social media. I think it’s a decision your child should be able to take. No kid should be made to be more special than the other. It’s hard enough for adults to deal with it. It’s going to be difficult, but we intend to follow through.

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