L’Ascension : l’incroyable histoire vraie qui a inspiré le film

In “The Ascension”, Samy must climb Everest to prove his love to the pretty Nadia. The script is adapted from a slightly different true story.

L’Ascension : we are not going to make a mountain!

L’Ascension is a French comedy released in 2017 and directed by Ludovic Bernard. This is his first feature film, he first made his weapons as the first assistant director of Mathieu Kassovitz, Guillaume Canet and Luc Besson. He has since directed Basque Country Mission, At fingertips, and 10 days without mom.

We also discover, in L’Ascension, the first to the cinema of the comedian Ahmed Sylla who camps there Samy, a young man from the suburbs who declares his love for Nadia (Alice Belaïdi). The two have known each other since their childhood and the young man has always been in love with her. But the young woman turns him away, confiding in him that she wants a serious relationship with a man she can trust. She still considers him a child, even though he’s 26 years old. To show her the extent of his love for her, Samy confides in her that he would do anything for her and that he “would even climb Everest if needed !”Nadia laughs, but the idea caught on in the mind of the young unemployed man: he will climb the highest peak in the world to prove to him that he is not a jerk.

If this story is initially a personal challenge, it quickly becomes a symbol for the entire 93 district in which his family and friends live. This crazy project shows everyone that you can get out of a poor city and achieve great things. If the fervor for Samy’s project explodes in France, his adventure near the Nepalese sacred mountain is not going to be easy.

L’Ascension was a great success when it was released with more than 830,000 spectators in theaters. You should know that the film is adapted from a true story.

Mountains and wonders

L’Ascension is indeed the adaptation of the book A Tocard on Everest, written by Nadir Dendoune. This Franco-Algerian born in Seine Saint-Denis is a former repentant petty delinquent who likes to challenge himself. In 1993, he does Paris-Sidney on a mountain bike. It is a click in the head of the man who then discovers the soul of an adventurer. In 2001, during a trek to the Annapurna base camp, a guide, stunned by his very good physical condition, asked him if he had ever done mountaineering. Never doing things by halves, he then says to himself “What if I climb Everest?”.

Like Samy in the film, he must succeed in finding the funds to pay for his shipment. He has some money aside, but also receives financial help from his friends and a sponsor. Because beyond the sporting challenge, climbing Everest is also a costly undertaking to the tune of 20,000 euros.

Arrived on site, nobody takes it seriously. He has no experience, does not look bad and finds himself rejected by the other members of the expedition. As he says himself, this setting aside is probably due to his profile which denotes in the world of mountaineering. He thinks he’s “too swarthy” for the mostly white middle. However, thanks to his self-confidence and incredible strength of character, Nadir succeeds in the ascent. He then takes a photo with a heart on which is written “93” to pay tribute to his neighborhood.

In order to make the story of the film even more feel-good, the director therefore added a love story. This element is ultimately the true thread of the film. Samy no longer does things to prove to himself that he is capable of it but to show himself worthy of Nadia’s love. For the viewer, L’Ascension is all the more pleasant to follow.

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