Deadpool sur W9 : quand la censure chinoise interdisait la sortie du film sur son territoire

“Deadpool” was never intended to be too thin. An irreverent style that greatly complicated its release in China where the censorship has only too little appreciated its style.

Deadpool : a love story

Ryan Reynolds was a fan of the Deadpool character long before a movie was in the works. When the opportunity to play Wade Wilson was offered to him in X-Men OriginsĀ : Wolverine, he accepted without batting an eyelid. A decision he quickly regretted when he discovered what the troublemaker was reduced to in the feature film. Far from the madness of the character described in the comics, he was almost silent, and even more so at the end when the scenario sewed his mouth up. Taking it as a betrayal of the superhero, he vowed to return it to its demonic splendor if the opportunity presented itself. He fought for it for many years, even offering to finance part of the production.

His passion paid off in 2016 with the start of Deadpool dedicated to the anti-hero edited by Tim Miller. The director was as much of a Deapool fan as the actor and the two got together struggled to make the big screen version as close to the paper version. When the duo discovered the costume from the film, they even cried about it because it looked like the one from the comics.

The physical aspect was important, and so was the psychological color. Deadpool had to be politically incorrect, irreverent and rude. Far from being a model of morality like Captain America, the creation of Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza is a bad kid.

Good manners

Deadpool has always been thought of as an adult film that would not refrain from any extravagance. What we can discover from the first seconds with a completely shifted credits. But it’s mostly the swear words, the violence and the sex scenes that made it a film prohibited to unaccompanied under 17s in the United States. When the film was released in China, the puzzle began for the authorities.

Censorship in the country, as we know, is powerful and not very playful. For example, it straddles the representation of Chinese historical figures and facts. No worries about Deadpool on that side, since he does not venture there. On the other hand, it is strong in everything else. China censors too often extreme violence, profanity and sex in movies before they are released. The discovery of the feature film must have been a real shock for the censors of the country. All three aspects are indeed present on the screen and it was impossible to release the film in its original version.

When it’s like that the government cuts the film, removes the problematic scenes. A way of doing things which, usually, is enough to make it suitable for the Chinese public. Except that, if you remove the violent, coarse and sexual scenes from Deadpool, there is not much left. Rather than making the film incomprehensible, the decision was made to simply not release it.

Deadpool therefore had to do without the Chinese market. What did not prevent him from reporting $ 782 million in revenue around the world for a budget of $ 58 million. The censorship misadventure will be bypassed for Deadpool 2 which will be released in China in a version “simply” prohibited for children under 13.

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