Brahmarakshas 2 10th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Balan attacks Prithvi and kills himself

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The Episode starts with the guy with brahmarakshas hands burning the proofs against him which Inspector Shabana had gathered against him. He then becomes brahmarakshas. Angad comes to Madan’s room and thinks he will expose him. Madan is with Kalindi. Kalindi says one more innocent life is ended. Madan says he is feeling bad to lose Shabana at the hands of brahmarakshas. Kalindi says Inspector Shabana couldn’t be saved, how can I kill Brahmarakshas. Madan hopes that brahmarakshas dies a painful death. Shalini is scared of brahmarakshas. Angad comes there and stops seeing Shalini. Pari and Sid hide from them. Damini sees Angad and calls him. She then sees Pari and asks did you see Angad? Pari says no. Damini asks where are they? Pari says they are at traffic signal. Damini asks who is he? Pari says he is Angad and we were stuck in love. Damini asks them to go. Sid and Pari run to the room. Shalini shouts colliding with Damini and Angad. Angad collides with Sid. Sid says he came for Pari as he is bride maid..Angad goes to his room and switches on the lights. Robin asks him to let him sleep. Angad goes to other room to read the papers which he got from Madan’s room. Sakshi asks the dance instructor to teach her good dance steps and asks if Robin and she looks good. The dance instructor says yes. Minty gets jealous and goes to the room. Angad comes there and tells that he wants Uma’s books so that he increase his IQ level, as he is marrying Paridhi who is just show off. He calls Robin and asks him to cheer up Minty. Minty hugs Angad and goes. Angad takes some books from Kalindi’s room.

Guru maa tells Shalini that the brahmarakshas is among them and shows the shining glass which shined due to the crystal. She tells Shalini if rakshas is here, then rakshak is also here. Gurumaa recalls naming Kalindi and speaks to her about her father. Kalindi asks if she knows her father. Gurumaa says you have to say and goes. Shalini informs Kalindi that brahmarakshas is in this house. Kalindi is shocked and comes to Madan. She tells him about brahmarakshas being with them. Madan says if brahmarakshas is here, then it means that someone is dead and Brahmarakshas entered that person. Kalindi is shocked. Robin cheers up Minty. Kalindi comes to her and asks her to come with her. She asks did something strange have happened with you? Minty says yes and tells that she tried to tell her, but..She says right now I am busy. Kalindi hugs her and says you are my Minty. Minty says ofcourse di and asks what happened? Kalindi says so much happened? Madan comes there and calls Kalindi. He asks Kalindi not to check everyone. Kalindi says I got impulsive. Madan says we have to read that book, I am sure that there is something written in the book. Kalindi asks what about the guests? Madan says we will all answers to our questions in the book and asks her to come.

Angad tries to go out, when the girls stop him. He hears Damini asking Shalini, why she didn’t confirm with the Pandit, that the marriage is tomorrow. Shalini says she was very busy, making arrangement from both sides. Angad says I will arrange Pandit ji and asks them to let him go for now. Prithvi asks the girls to let him go. Madan checks the book and tells Kalindi that some pages are missing. Kalindi says I know who has taken these papers.

Angad comes to the jungle and makes some arrangements to trap Brahmarakshas. He gives pounds to Pandit ji. He asks Pandit ji to read the mantras to call brahmarakshas here and says just as he comes, he will blast. Pandit ji chants some mantras. Balan tells Prithvi that they shall go from here, before brahmarakshas catches and kills them. Prithvi says he will not run away and tells that Kalindi is here, to save us. Balan says Kalindi is our enemy, if she comes to know about us, then she will kill us. He says he will leave. He leaves in his car. His car stops and the street light flicker. Brahmarakshas attacks him and catches him in his hands. Pandit ji still reciting the mantras to call brahmarakshas there. Brahmarakshas gets attracted by the mantras and comes to the jungle, holding Balan in his hand. Pandit ji runs seeing him. Angad tells Brahmarakshas that he didn’t know that he will bring balan Chacha and says I will save you. He asks him to try the groom today. Brahmarakshas steps on the electric set up and gets electrocuted. Angad says I have made your roast. He steps on the wire and gets electrocuted. Kalindi reaches there and shouts Angad. She sees Angad fallen on the ground, while brahmarakshas is shouting and getting electrocuted. She saves Angad using the rod. Brahmarakshas vanishes from there. Kalindi asks Angad to get up and hugs him. She asks him to take her with him for wild adventure. Angad says he had made brahmarakshas roasted. She asks him to come home for sangeet. Kalindi tells that brahmarakshas vanished. They make balan get up and take him home. Pari shouts at Angad for loving Kalindi, even though marrying her. Damini takes a stand for her son. Angad tells that when he went to bring Pandit ji, he saw balan Chacha’s repair. He says Kalindi came there and rescued them. Madan says he had sent her to bring his medicine.

Akshay and Vikram give an injection to Balan and think Brahmarakshas has injured him. They think to talk to Prithvi. Balan opens his eyes. During the sangeet, Minty and Robin dance. Others too start dancing. Balan is coming there. Kalindi tells Madan that Angad saved Balan and tells that he had taken those pages with him. Angad makes Pari fall down. Pari says we have to dance well. Madan says you are telling that Brahmarakshas attacked Balan Chacha and you brought him here. She asks where is he? Angad pulls her closer and dances. Balan comes to the kitchen and takes the knife. When the cook asks him, Balan stabs Cook and goes out holding the blood stained knife. Everyone is dancing. Akshay and Vikram come to Prithvi. Prithvi asks them to dance with their wives. Akshay says death is behind us. Balan holds knife at them and says I have brought brahmarakshas’s message. He says your sin pot is filled, you all will die soon. He says your soul will get shaken up too. He attacks Prithvi. Angad is about to go to Prithvi to rescue him, but Pari stops him and asks him to save her. Kalindi comes to Prithvi and comes infront of him. Angad comes there and rescues Kalindi and prithvi. Balan says brahmarakshas will come and nobody will be saved. He slits his throat and dies. Everyone is shocked. Police comes there and clicks Balan’s dead body pictures.

Shalini is shocked and says why don’t that tantric is leaving us. Kalindi asks her what is she saying? Shalini asks who had said. She goes to see Prithvi.

Precap: Angad tells Kalindi that even now she trusts Madan. Madan asks Kalindi if she is doubting him. Kalindi gets to know the Prithvi is making her sign on blank papers. Angad comes to know that she is Kalindi, his childhood friend. He hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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