Seven healthy goals you can set for yourself in 2021 (and the keys to achieving them)

With the arrival of the new year, many are the objectives that we set ourselves. This time we want to stop at some healthy goals that we can set for 2021 that has just begun.

Specifically we will highlight seven things we can do. The keys to achieving them are essential at this time, especially to reach a successful conclusion and not give up on the attempt or abandon early. This is the main problem, that sometimes we set very high goals and we cannot achieve them, or we do not know how.

Have within our reach the keys to make it happen It is a good way to motivate ourselves and thus achieve adequate objectives for what we want to achieve. Surely for many these goals are the first time they set them, but if we know how to do it, it will be much easier to achieve.

Performing the first pull-up without help

First of all we are going to stop at get to perform the first chin-up in the gym. The chin-ups are a complete exercise to work all the muscles of the back and part of the shoulders. It is about raising all the weight of our body through the action of the muscles.

He work is elevated at the muscular level, and many people cannot perform them. Yes, it is true that there are machines with assisted help that will allow us to perform pull-ups, but the idea is to do them without using loads to assist us. We can also start training with rubber bands to gain strength in the back muscles.

We can start with the help of assisted machines, rubber bands or exercising the muscles of the back, to gain strength and be able to perform a pull-up without help

In order to perform the first chin-up this year, we can start by working the back muscles separately, shoulders, and even biceps and triceps. Little by little, as we gain strength in this area, we will be able to establish ourselves to be able to perform a hanging chin and raise our body.

It is good that we train in this way so that, little by little, we can perform a chin-up in a traditional way, raising our own weight without the need for help. This exercise it will help us to achieve a powerful force in the back and in the shoulder muscles. At first we will start little by little, maybe we will only carry out one, but the idea is to carry out one more each day and so on, we will manage to carry out a series of ten at once.

Start running

Another goal for this new year may be start running. If we have never gone running before, it is good that we take a stress test to find out what physical condition we are in and whether or not we are in any danger when going out for a run. Any doctor can do it to us, and it is good that before going for a run we ask for his advice.

Before we start running it is good that let’s start walking on a daily basis. Taking it at a brisk pace to gain depth and stamina is a good way to start. In this way we will get used to the muscles of the legs and we will be able to acquire a good habit, and regulate breathing and the use of energy.

To start running, it is good to start little by little by doing long walks in which we increase the pace to gain strength and strength

To gradually gain strength in the legs, it’s good that we work our legs in the gym. Exercising to strengthen the muscles will help us gain strength in this part of the body and thus improve running ability.

Once we acquire this habit, little by little, we will start running at a slow pace, at a moderate pace. It is necessary that we control the breathing and the movements of the legs and arms. At the beginning we will run less time, but little by little we will increase the race time, since our body will get used to this activity.

The race it is one of the best ways to activate circulation and respiration and thus activate metabolism. The benefits that we are going to achieve are very high and therefore it is a good healthy goal to start this new year.

Run our first Half Marathon

Third, we are going to stop at another objective that has to do with the race. Run our first half marathon it may be a good goal for this year. This can be done by people who are already familiar with the race and practice it regularly.

To prepare it is good to combine aerobic exercise with strength training to gain power in the legs. Performing leg workouts will help us to acquire more strength in the muscles that compose them and more resistance when it comes to enduring the kilometers involved in carrying out a half marathon.

Combining aerobic exercise with leg training to achieve more strength will help us improve endurance and race time

To train and gain more background, we can work with interval running sessions, mixed with uphill and downhill. Aorender to control your breathing and make the most of every breath of air is essential. For this we can get used to a race pace in which the breath will set the pace and the guidelines to follow.

Carrying out running sessions on a daily basis will help us to increase the time of the activity each day and thus increase the resistance capacity that we are going to have when it comes to getting to carry out a half marathon.

Get started with strength training in the gym

Fourth, we are going to stop at another objective that we can set for this year. Is about start doing aerobic, strength exercise in the gym. For people who have never done it, it can be a challenge, but it is very good to do it because it will help us to develop muscle mass and with it the consumption of calories by the body.

At first we will hardly be able to lift a little weight in each exercise, but this is secondary, since the important thing is to perform each exercise well, respecting the movements of each of them and thereby acquire a good foundation and adequate discipline to, little by little, continue to evolve. The increase in the load will come with time, as the body asks for it.

Starting with a low load and concentrating on technique is essential to start training our muscles in the gym

Start strength training with rubber bands, or with assisted machines it is a good alternative. This will help us to acquire the necessary technique to be able to perform each of the exercises focused on exercising each part of the body. When we control each movement and routine, it will be time to start working with free loads. This is important that we respect them, because if we don’t do it and don’t control well, we run the risk of injuring ourselves.

Start swimming

In fifth position we are going to stop at a good goal for each of us. Is about start swimming and work the whole body like this. Swimming is not easy if you do not know the technique well and if it is not done well. To do this, the first thing is to familiarize ourselves with the pool and with the different types of swimming.

Swimming is a good activity for the whole body, since works all parts of it, with minimal impact, so the risk of injury is minimal, while we work all the muscles that make up the body. Therefore, it is a good way to start doing sports in this new year.

Starting by acquiring good flotation will help us develop good swimming sessions

For this we must start with acquire good buoyancy and proper posture. Not raising the head above the water is essential, so as not to overload the cervical part. To do this we must learn to control breathing, since the spine must be straight, and to achieve this we must submerge the head in the water, and only remove it when we need to take in air again.

Once we know how to float, the following is acquire the proper swimming technique to be able to move around in the water. Training the back and legs with strength exercises will help us increase the thrust that we are going to develop when moving through the water and gradually improve the development of this activity.

Take your first obstacle course

In sixth place we are going to stop at another objective. Is about run your first obstacle course. As we mentioned before, this step is good for people who already control the race and practice it on a daily basis. But in this case, what we are going to include are obstacles that we must overcome while running.

To start we can do it with simple circuits where obstacles are small. This will help us to acquire knowledge and technique and then continue with larger ones. We can start in unsightly environments, such as forests in which we find stones, branches, rivers … to avoid.

Begin in natural environments with small obstacles to acquire constancy of balance and the possibilities of our body

It’s good acquire perfect control of our body, and for this we will perform balance exercises on a bosu or balance platforms in which we will gain strength in the legs, while we improve our body awareness. In this way, we will improve the movements to be able to avoid the obstacles that will appear in the race.

Start practicing Yoga

In seventh place we are going to stop at a goal that many people usually set at the beginning of the year and sometimes it stays there. Is about start practicing yoga. For this, the ideal is to start with the basics, which is to acquire the habit and begin to control breathing and the constancy of our own body.

At first we will not be able to perform all the postures very well, since having never done it, our flexibility will not be the most adequate. To achieve this we are going to start by executing the postures but as far as we can go. It is true that forcing ourselves little by little to do them better will help us achieve more flexibility and increase muscle elongation.

Starting little by little to acquire flexibility, and relax the cervical and lumbar part, will help us to acquire dexterity in the practice of yoga

Control your breathing during each yoga session, and avoiding loading the cervical and lumbar part is essential. If when performing an exercise we see that the part of the neck is loaded, it will be better to lower the intensity, because yoga consists of relaxing while we stretch the body through the different postures that we carry out. It is useless to do it wrong, because we will never achieve the optimal results we seek.

These seven goals we’ve highlighted can help us make this year healthier for ourselves. These are challenges that any of us can carry out and that will help us to set goals to achieve and thereby improve our expectations when it comes to playing sports.

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