Raya et le Dernier Dragon : nouveaux visuels pour le prochain film Disney

Disney’s next production, “Raya and the Last Dragon” is revealed even more with two new images featuring Raya in battle as well as other characters from the film.

What is “Raya and the Last Dragon”?

Scheduled for March 5, 2021 in the United States, Raya and the Last Dragon is none other than the next film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is directed by Carlos López Estrada, director of Blindspotting in 2018, and Don Hall, to whom we owe The New Heroes, Oscar winner for best animated film in 2015.

Raya is a warrior living in the fictional world of Kumandra, a world where dragons lived in harmony with humans thousands of years ago. Indeed, the Druuns, a species of evil monsters, have managed to wipe out the presence of dragons on the planet. Only, Raya will go in search of finding the last dragon in order to face the Druuns so that peace can return to Kumandra.

This film is very much based on Asian culture. Indeed, this unreal world that is Kumandra is mainly inspired by traditions and legends countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam. For example, the first element attesting to a reference to this area of ​​the continent is the character of Tuk Tuk. This character is none other than Raya’s pet and sidekick, described as “his faithful steed”. Indeed, the name of this kind of giant woodlouse was not chosen at random since a tuk-tuk is a rickshaw – and therefore a means of transport – used in Thailand.

Brand new images

With a first teaser trailer released on October 21, Raya and the Last Dragon was revealed even more with brand new images during Disney Investor Day. Today, it is Entertainment Weekly and Total Film that allow readers to have two new visuals of Raya and supporting characters, such as Noi and the Ongis.

In this first photo, we discover the character of Raya, who seems to be in the middle of a fight, holding a very special sword in his right hand. Indeed, his weapon is a kriss, a slightly wavy sword, of Indonesian origin. According to legends, she would have magical powers. Chances are high that this weapon has special abilities, compared to these myths. In addition, the connection to dragons is all the more marked, thanks with two dragon heads present on the handle of the kriss.

This second image shows us the character of We, accompanied by her creatures, called the Ongis. This strong-character little girl, facing Raya with conviction in the photo, is a character who, thanks to a street game, scams passers-by. No doubt Noi’s character will be one of the cutest touches in the movie just like Tuk Tuk, Raya’s companion.

Raya and the Last Dragon will be released on Disney + in Premier Access and simultaneously in American theaters on 5 mars 2021. However, we will have to be patient for France, for a release date that we should know soon.

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