Monster Hunter Rise controls guide

Left analog stick

Right analog stick

Adjust camera

Reset camera

L button (hold)

Access Radial menu (use R to select shortcuts)

R button (hold)


(Gunners only) Access Silkbind attacks with A and X

Click in right analog stick

Lock on (toggle)

A (with weapon sheathed)

Use endemic life

Midair stop

Wyvern ride (with weapon sheathed near staggered monster)

B (with weapon sheathed)

Dodge (while moving)

Jump (while sliding)

A (with weapon drawn)

Heavy attack

B (with weapon drawn)

Draw weapon

Light attack (with weapon drawn)

Sheathe weapon (with weapon drawn)

Access Wirebug actions (wiredashing into a wall will initiate a wall run)

(Holding ZL) A

(Wirebug) dash forward

(Holding ZL) X

(Wirebug) jump diagonally upwards

(Holding ZL) ZR

(Wirebug) dash in targeted direction

(Holding ZL) A or X

Perform Silkind attack

Hold L Button

Access item bar or ammo/coatings bar

(Holding L button) Y or A

(Holding L button) X or B

D-Pad left and right

D-Pad up and down

Select/perform action bar inputs

L button (hold)

Open radial menu

Choose menu

(Holding L button) Right analog stick

Select shortcut

Open start menu

Open chat menu

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