The keys to driving with snow or ice on the road without leaving your life on it 8 January, 2021

With snow and ice it is best not to drive

In weather conditions like the ones we are seeing these days, it is best not to take the car. This is recommended by the like the Civil Guard. And the fact is that there are many risks involved in taking the car in circumstances like those that Filomena has brought us. The asphalt slips more than usual, drivers do not usually have experience in these circumstances, poor visibility, the poor condition of the vehicle … everything is conspired to be able to have an accident.

In fact, according to official statistics, 30% of deaths and hospitalized injuries as a result of a traffic accident occur during the winter season. In temperatures below 7 degrees, driving is starting to get complicated, since conventional tires are not prepared to drive in these conditions. In fact, there are already cars that warn drivers when the temperature of the road is below 4 degrees, so that they exercise caution. And if we are at 0 degrees, or even below as is happening with Filomena, the risks skyrocket.

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