Spider-Man – Homecoming sur Netflix : avez-vous remarqué cette connexion à Miles Morales ?

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is coming to Netflix. Jon Watts’ film was in 2017 the opportunity to present a new actor in the skin of the weaver: Tom Holland. But did you know that a character from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” also appears in this movie?

Spider-Man – Homecoming : a new era for Peter Parker

With Tobey Maguire in the title role, the film becomes an instant classic. He has been nominated twice for the Oscars and brings in more than $ 825 million at the box office, for a budget of 139 million. Sony therefore decides to produce a sequel. In 2004, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire back up for Spider-Man 2, considered by many to be the best Spider-Man movie of all time. There again it is a triumph. The film wins the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and grosses over $ 788 million at the box office. More Spider-Man 3 receives less convincing reviews. What pushes Sony to bury the fourth episode addressed by Sam Raimi.

The studio prefers to bet on a reboot of the franchise with Andrew Garfield in 2012. After two episodes directed by Marc Webb, here again Sony is changing its mind. The firm cancels the third episode, which would also have introduced the Sinister Six. We must then wait until 2017 to find out Spider-Man : Homecoming. The Weaver joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America : Civil War before having his own film directed by Jon Watts. Thus, Peter Parker subsequently joined the Avengers, and played on two tables: the MCU and its personal universe still produced by Sony.

A character in both films

Because Peter Parker is also operated by Sony. Outraged Spider-Man : New Generation, the animated slap staged by Peter Ramsey and Bob Persichetti, Sony is also developing the world of the weaver with films like Venom and Morbius. And the connections between these projects and the MCU just keep growing. Did you know for example that a central figure of Spider-Man : New Generation also appears in Spider-Man : Homecoming ?

Spider-Man : New Generation takes place in another reality. Indeed, the character of Miles Morales, created in 2011 by Brian M Bendis evolves in the universe Ultimate, an alternative reality to that of the Peter Parker that we know. In its part of reality, Peter Parker is killed, and Miles Morales becomes the new superhero. In the film, Miles Morales pursues a character referred to as the Ranger. Thereafter he discovers that it is actually Aaron Davis, his own uncle.

Do you know this same character makes a cameo in Spider-Man : Homecoming ? The time of a short sequence, Aaron Davis interacts with Peter Parker. The character is also embodied by the inimitable Donald Glover. The rapper is effectively embedded in the MCU the time of this short scene where Spider-Man searches for information. They end their conversation in a not very encouraging way for Aaron Davis, who finds himself blocked on the trunk of his car by the web of Spider-Man. From there to making a connection with Miles Morales, there is only one step. From there to what Donald Glover returns to the skin of the Ranger, there is only one tiny step to cross. And from there that Miles Morales himself appeared in Spider-Man 3, nothing is really missing …

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