San Sebastián Street parties will be virtual

The chorus “I’m going up, I’m going down, if you live as I live, I live vacillating”, which traditionally resounds in the streets of Old San Juan in the fortnight of January, will be heard this year from Puerto Rican homes, because still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, massive events such as the San Sebastián Street Festival are denied.

In response to this new reality, Antonio Morales, new director of the Department of Art and Culture of San Juan, in coordination with the new municipal administration of Miguel Romero, organizes a special online edition, which will begin on Friday, January 29, and It will run until Sunday 31.

“What we are going to be doing this year is a special where we are going to take advantage of this situation to remind people of the purpose of the parties,” anticipated the newly appointed producer and community leader.

“There are many young people who listen to Fiestas de la SanSe and what they believe is that it is a vacilón of let’s dance, let’s hesitate, let’s drink, and the tradition has been lost, the meaning has been lost, so let’s take advantage this moment with a kind of documentary that we are filming to remind people of the purpose of this, ”he explained.

The virtual parties of the fifty-first edition will divide the offer as follows:

First day: Projection of the content of the history, including the economic impact they generate for the city and the Country, as well as the positioning they provide in the eyes of the world.

Second day: Artistic offer through prerecorded presentations.

Third day: Family entertainment, from music to craft workshops.

The artisans will have a broader exhibition, and for about a month several profiles of these will be highlighted, the more their works will be visible for those who wish to buy them through a platform that will be announced next week.

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