Jordan Peele Announces Retirement From Acting

Ever since the roaring success of Jordan Peele’s debut horror movie, Get Out, people been wondering whether Peele will ever return to acting. But today, he’s made an announcement …

Jordan Peele is one of the bigger names in Hollywood these days.

Ever since his debut as a writer and director for the hit movie, Get Out, Peele is steadily rising up in the world of film making.

Though he is best known for his comedy…

His thriller cult movie was a roaring success, thus suggesting he was due to make a transition from the world of comedic writing.

Peele originally co-created and starred in the Comedy Central show, Key & Peele.

The series featured sketches about topics that included race, racism, homophobia, and gender, but all with a comical twist.

But Peele obviously had something much darker on his mind…

As, in March 2017, he released his debut movie, the dark and gripping, Get Out.

The success of the movie was unprecedented.

The horror flick, which grossed over $100 million at the box office, told the tale of a black man named Chris, who discovered a horrifying family secret while visiting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

It’s a notoriously dark watch.

Chris discovers that his girlfriend’s family, who are psychotherapists and neurosurgeons, had been kidnapping and murdering African American’s for years to supply to members of their cult.

Viewers then watch as an intense battle commences…

As Chris attempts to escape the clutches of the murderous family.

It makes for the perfect horror flick…

And it’s needless to say that Peele truly proved his astounding abilities to write and direct a gripping and engaging movie.

After the enormous success of Get Out, and his follow up thriller, Us, people have been left eagerly awaiting more from Peele.

And now, Peele has made an announcement.

The actor has confirmed he won’t be returning to acting.

It’s all so he can focus on another passion in his life, and it’s gotten fans talking!

Peele wants to dedicate his time to directing.

“I can watch the films I direct.”

“Watching me perform just feels like, it’s a bad kind of masturbatory.”

“It’s masturbation you don’t enjoy.”

He is still grateful for the acting work he’s done, though.

“I feel like I got to do so much and it is a great feeling.”

“When I think about those great moments when you’re basking in something you said that feels funny.”

“When I think about all that, I think I got enough.”

We can’t wait to see what Peele will do next!

And for more news on the star, scroll on for the reason he’ll never cast a white lead…

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