How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza With Photos

I had a little too much fun shaping my crust — I mean, who wouldn’t? I ended up making my bottom a little thicker because I like really bready pizza, but feel free to make the crust as thin or thick as you want.

After shaping the dough, the most important step is to “blind bake” it for about six minutes. This means putting just the crust in the oven without any toppings to ensure the bottom is extra sturdy before topping it with sauce and cheese.

After the dough has spent a little extra time in the oven, it’s time to decorate. I went for plain cheese because I love simplicity, but obviously, put anything you desire on yours. Another few minutes baking, and it’s ready to go. Bake one for friends, family, significant others, or yourself. Sharing the love is never too cheesy!




Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Katherine McLaughlin

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