Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 99 MISHBIR MEHENDI AND HALDI

Hey all sorry for the delay. Just got some unexpected guests so I wasn’t able update. Let’s go to the episode now. It will be lengthy.

It’s Mishbir Mehendi function. The ladies enter the hall taking away the breaths of their husbands.

The men aren’t less. Once into the hall the ladies get drawn to their men who look dashing and handsome.

Arjun slowly walks to Maya and in a whisper : OMG Maya you look stunning. I feel like it’s our mehendi function.

Just then Abir enters making Arya move apart.Abir: Where is my partner?

Kartik: Dulha Ji…have patience..huh patience

Abir stares at him

Kartik: Naira..why are you irritating Abir

Naira: Who me? I’m irritating him

Kartik: As the sister of the dulhan you must bring her down. Without doing it you are irritating him na

Naira punches Kartik and runs away giggling to bring Mishti down

Mishti is brought down. Abir is lost in her looks

Arjun: Hmm..hmm..Abir….(he shakes Abir)

Abir: Huh Bhai

Arjun: Arrey it’s your mehendi..dance na

Abir: Why me? It’s you who should initiate it na

Meanwhile Mishti is made to sit and Surekha applies Mehendi to her.

Kartik: Naira start the dance na

Naira smiles at him and walks to Prerna and whispers something . Kartik too joins them . So does Anurag

Tu ho gayi one to twoOh kudiye what to doOh ho gayi munde diTu turu turu turu

Patangaan vargiTu ainvai udd diOh ho gayi munde diTu turu turu turu

Hilla de chaldiTuk tuk tu kardiMake up tu kardi yaar

Angrezi padhdiGit-pit tu kardiJimme queen saddi VictoriaTu ghanti big bang diPura London thumakdaOh jaddo nachche pehn diPura London thumakda..

All dance happily and the scene freezes.

Kartik pulls Naira away from the crowd and takes her outside to the porch

Kartik kisses her and Naira is surprised. Seeing her look Kartik smiles

Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: Woh….I was seeing you getting your mehendi on my name. Love was overflowing I could not control it that’s why. By the way I’ll get it back once I find my name Huh. Ab jao…complete the design and let me find my name

Naira shows her hand to Kartik and he is surprised

Kartik: Only my name? No design?

Naira kisses him.

Naira: I too could not wait for you to find it so made it easy for you

Kartik holds her by her waist and pulls her closer. Just then Anurag comes that way. Naira gets relieved from his hold and runs away

Anurag: I think you are the luckiest couple

Kartik: What?

Anurag: Haan enjoying in our wedding, yours and now Mishti and. Abir’s

Kartik: You too enjoy with bhabhi na

Anurag: Your bhabhi is handling Sid and her mehendi. If I go for romance she will kill me

Kartik: Where there is a will there is a way my brother

Kartik walks off. Anurag gets an idea and rushes to Prerna

Anurag goes on his knees and corrects her Payal thus stealing moments of romance with her. Prerna blushes

Anurag: Your blush is the best thing I can ever get in my life

Meanwhile Abir is walking around Misthi to steal some moments with her. Atlast he finds a gap and pulls her away.

Mishti: Abir..

Abir: I can’t wait longer. Where is my name ?Abir finds his initial  and Mishbir share a moment

While Arjun is searching his name in Maya’s hand

Arjun: Did you write my name or not? Or did you write Mr.Bajaj’s name

Maya pushes him and walks off

Arjun : Arrey Maya Sorry na…I was kidding

Maya: Not with his name anymore Arjun

Arjun: Okay sorry.

The scene freezes on their happiness.

It’s Haldi function. Abir is made to sit in the backyard and the rasam is going on.Naira takes some haldi and applies it on Kartik’s cheeks while she walks past him. Kartik takes some haldi and follows Naira. He atlast gets hold of her and is about to apply it on  her face when she kisses him. Kartik turns a tomato when Naira runs away.Prerna is carrying a plate of puja things when she trips. Anurag holds her. They steady themselves.

Anruag: Prerna you look gorgeous .

Prerna: Hmm

Anurag:Wow hmm after so long. I really missed it. Nowadays you talk a lot

Prerna stares at him who steps back. Prerna takes some haldi and starts to chase Anruag.

Dadi: Prerna…Naira…

On hearing Dadi Prerna stops abruptly when Anurag hits on Akash

Arjun: Acha..romance..

Anurag pushes Akash and walks away. Meanwhile Dadi along with Prerna Naira Surekha and Kartik goes to Singhania house.

They are surprised to see Jeevika and Viren there

Jeevika: Mishti is like Viren’s sister so we came here directly.

Arjun and Maya too come there

Maya: She is my sister too

The rasams go on when milk is served to all . Sometime after consuming the milk Jeevika faints and is about to fall when Viren catches her

Naira: We should rush to hospital now

Jeevika is rushed to the hospital. Some time later

Kartik: Sir I’m Dr. Kartik Goenka. What happened to Jeevika didi?

Doctor: It’s Drug induced syncope Mr.Goenka

Naira: That means it’s something in the milk Hena Kartik?

Doctor: Caused by sublingual nitroglycerin. But she is fine now.

Kartik: That cannot be procured by everyone . Who would have done this?

Naira: Who else Kartik? Other than

Anurag: Aditya

Naksh: That scoundrel

Akash: Aditya alone is not responsible I guess. He may have suggested the medicine but plan and execution is by

Arjun: Mr.Bajaj

Samarth: Exactly correct Arjun. Mr.Bajaj can go to any extent to harm Maya and you

Maya: Me? But

Kartik: Maybe it was for  Maya bhabhi and Jeevika didi drank it. He might have planned that all will be busy with Haldi and if Maya didi faints he can kidnap her

Arjun: Sorry Viren

Viren: Arjun shut up. We are a squad and we don’t expect sorry among us.

Akash: Its time to teach Mr.Bajaj a last lesson.


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