Romero Talks Dead, Shaun, Diamonds, and King

Moviehole.net scored an interview with horror master George Romero and nabbed some pretty nifty zombie news in the process. Topics include “Land of the Dead 2,” “Diamond Dead,” and even a few projects that don’t have the word “dead” in the title.

“Romero says he’s got quite a few more projects on the boil in the meantime, including a sequel to “Land of the Dead”.

This time, says Romero, they might even bring the undead to Australia.

“Simon Baker says that’s where we should shoot it”, he says, adding “But yeah, there’s some rumbling about doing a sequel. Most of my zombie movies have been ten years apart, at least, in this case it was twenty, I’ve never had to do one right behind the other. If that happens I think I will probably just continue the same story – follow the truck, in which case, those characters (including Baker) would be back”.

Romero isn’t fazed Baker has now relocated back to his native Australia either. “You tell him we need him on the truck”, he laughs.

Contrary to recent rumours on the Internet, Romero says the sequel definitely won’t be going straight to video.

“People have been asking me about that, I don’t know where that came from”, says Romero. “My partner and I are trying to promote a direct to video series of zombie films, but it has nothing to do with “Land of the Dead.” I don’t think Universal would want to go the direct to video route for “Land of the Dead 2.” It’d be theatrical”.”

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