Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 PC

Since Windows 10 and Office 365 come from the same developer, you may think that nothing can beat the Office 365 suite when it comes to creating and managing documents on a Windows 10 PC. While that may be true, Google has now enriched its productivity suites with all the excellent features you would imagine.

Nevertheless, it seems that not many people are sure of these Google Docs keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, we thought we would list out the most common Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs you need to know. Rest assured, these shortcuts will improve your Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets workflow like never before. At the least, you won’t have to move your hand towards the trackpad/mouse less frequently.

Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you can use the following shortcuts for everyday actions. Some of them are the same as the shortcuts you have seen on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Besides, you can use the universal keyboard shortcuts to undo and redo your actions. Similarly, there is a Ctrl + S keyboard combination to save the document, but you won’t need that since Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will automatically save the changes.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Formatting in Google Docs

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to make text formatting changes while preparing documents or PowerPoint presentations via Google Docs. These come in handy when you want to use various formatting styles throughout a document.

As you can see, the shortcuts are similar to those you use on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Paragraph Formatting in Google Docs

If you want to save more time, you should learn some keyboard shortcuts for paragraph formatting. These shortcuts would help you properly align and manage the paragraphs in your Google Docs document, presentation, or spreadsheet.

While you may need some time to master these keyboard shortcuts, you won’t ever have to touch the mouse or trackpad again.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Images and Drawing in Google Docs

If you handle too many photographs and images while preparing things on Google Docs, you can check out the following keyboard shortcuts. Despite their difficulty getting used to it, those who want to arrange more photos on a doc will love the set.

If you like to ensure the best aesthetic appeal to your Google Docs document, you can use the shortcuts we have mentioned above.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation & Other Tools in Google Docs

We can’t possibly cover all the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs since the number is higher than you think. Considering this fact, we have listed some of the more useful shortcuts while handling a Docs file. These are in no particular order, though.

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