Castilla y León reaches a total of 139,306 positives, 459 new 3 January, 2021

Castilla y León has a total of 139,306 positive for coronavirus, 459 of them new, along with seven new fatalities in hospitals and a total of 19,778 hospital discharges, of which 16 new, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health collected by Europe Press.

The statistics recorded seven deaths in hospitals. A total of 4,196 deaths in this area have been reported so far in the Community.

Currently active outbreaks in the Community as a whole are 217, three less, and the positive cases linked to them stand at 2,091. Of these, Ávila counts 20 –the same–; Burgos, 27 –one less–; Leon keeps 16; Palencia, 30 –the same–; Salamanca counts 40, two more; Segovia, 30, one less; Soria has ten –the same–; Valladolid, 29, two less, and Zamora 15, one less.

In total, 139,306 positives for COVID-19 have already been diagnosed in the Community in the different types of tests, after 459 have been added. According to data from the regional Administration, 132,511 positives have been diagnosed in PCR and antigen tests .


By provinces, Valladolid is the one with the most positives, with 96 cases and a total of 31,825; followed by Ávila and León, both with 80 new cases and a total of 7,528 and 22,754, respectively; then Segovia appears, with 51 and 8,774; Salamanca, with 47 and 18,996; Palencia, with 45 and 10,028; Burgos, with 40 and 24,621; Soria, with 12 and 5,925 and Zamora, with eight and 8,855.

Regarding the number of deaths in hospitals with a COVID diagnosis, the total figure is 4,196, seven more than the previous day. Most of it is registered in the province of León with 863 –one more–, followed by Valladolid with 820 –one more–; next is Salamanca with 635 –one more–; Burgos adds three, up to 575; Zamora scores 337 –the same–; Palencia adds one more, with 273; Segovia remains at 262, as does Ávila with its 250 and Soria with 181.

In the case of registrations, a total of 19,778, 4,750 have been computed in Valladolid; 3,569 in León; in Burgos 2,902; in Salamanca, 2,749; in Zamora 1,408; in Segovia 1,211; in Ávila 1,198; in Palencia, 1,231, and in Soria 760.

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