Who’s Nate Burrell’s wife Jordan? ’60 Days In’ star says ‘you’ll ruin my life’ in suicide note, then shoots himself

Nate Burrell who appeared in A&E’s docuseries ‘60 Days In’ died by suicide. Nate’s sister Chelsey Walker told TMZ that he shot himself in public in downtown Allegan, Michigan, on October 31.

Before his death, Nate left a detailed and emotional suicide note to his wife Jordan and many of his close friends and relatives on Facebook. However, most of the suicide note mentioned Jordan. According to TMZ, Nate had a child on the way with his wife but the couple reportedly split.

In the note, Nate mentioned that he dreamt of raising his child but that was taken away from him. He also alleged that Jordan had ruined his life. “I can’t keep going on. I’m sorry Jordan I let you down. I have dreamed of the day I get to raise my son, but that was taken away from me. I can only imagine how bad this would all turn out, all of the legal crap that would ensue after this with custody and everything else. You win! You have promised for weeks, you will ruin my life and I had no idea who I was messing with. You are right, I didn’t know who I was messing with. You told me you wished I still wanted to kill myself a few weeks ago, and that has sat in my heart since. This isn’t a post to bash you but instead to lift you up.”

In the later part of the note, Nate praised Jordan and said that she could be the best mother. “I know Jordan can be the best mom in the world and she will do an amazing job, I just need to remove myself from this picture to create a less complicated aspect of her raising him. I’ve said during every fight and argument to my family that Jordan is an amazing woman and even though people try to show me something else I see the real you Jordan. I’ve literally had some of the best times of my life with you Jordan you were truly my best friend.”

He urged Jordan to move forward in life and keep loving and raising their son. “Jordan you are going to do better raising our son without me than with me. I don’t hate you I’m not upset or mad, I’m sad, why did it have to turn out like this?! You’re such a beautiful person and can be the most loving person ever. Please move forward with your life with respecting yourself, loving yourself, you aren’t impossible to love, all of those things you and I have talked about are not you! You are such a fun person to be around, just keep your head up.”

Nate mentioned how their wedding day was the best memory he had with her. “My best day I’ve experienced so far was our wedding day. Our song is literally the perfect representation of that day. I just wonder if things would have went differently how would we have ended up. Just so you know you have been my favorite memory. If you don’t get my letters that I wrote to our son and you I’m sorry. I tried giving you closure. I feel like life would never have felt complete without meeting you, I wish our relationship would have went a different way but it didn’t. I’m a better person for knowing you. I LOVE YOU Heartbeat.”

TMZ reported that Nate’s sister said, “Nathan loved his country, loved his family and was a very caring guy. He was just in a bad place. He was very proud of being on ’60 Days In,’ and he really cherished his time on that show.”

As per the same publication, Nate served in the military as a Marine from 2006 to 2010. He was in the infantry and served two tours in Iraq. Nate had a degree in criminal justice and law enforcement in 2014. He became a reality television star with A&E docuseries ‘60 Days In’. And now that he’s mentioned about his wife in the note, we shed some light on Jordan.

Who is Nate Burrell’s wife?

Various publications reported that Nate, 33, was expecting a child with his wife Jordan. He had recently split from her, Nate’s sister Chelsey Walker said. Glob Intel reported that the baby boy would be the couple’s first child. The site added that the couple broke up not long ago. Their relationship took a turn for the worst with “his wife threatening to ruin his (Nate’s) life”. This was also indicated in the initial part of the suicide note by Nate where he opened up about such fears.

Nate has also posted many pictures of happy memories with his wife on Facebook and the times that he cherished. In one of the photos Nate posted, shows him kissing his wife while the other one shows his wife Jordan laughing while looking at him. He also posted a picture of his wedding day showing him kissing Jordan from behind. Some pictures that Nate posted showed Jordan in a restaurant just having some leisure time and smiling.  While not much is revealed about Nate’s wife Jordan, one thing his suicide note indicated was that they were facing a lot of issues in their marriage. Moreover, Nate regretted that things had to end badly. “I don’t hate you I’m not upset or mad, I’m sad.” However, at the end of the note, Nate showed a lot of love for his wife. “I feel like life would never have felt complete without meeting you, I wish our relationship would have went a different way but it didn’t. I’m a better person for knowing you. I LOVE YOU Heartbeat,” he wrote.

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