This solid, cinnamon-flavored, lollipop-shaped toothpaste lasts twice as long as traditional and is natural

Because every time we are more conscious of the importance of reduce our ecological footprint and the packaging of plastic, but also because the cosmética naked has been a shock that has made us rethink our beauty routine.

Precisely within this stream of solid cosmetic, we have made a new discovery: the Lamazuna solid toothpaste. We love it and not just because it looks like a lollipop, also for its taste of cinnamon so appropriate for these dates. Although it is also available with mint or lemon flavor super refreshing.

Plus, it lasts twice as long as a tube of toothpaste conventional and, as no packaging required, you do not harm the environment. To use it you just have to rub the paste with your toothbrush and… voila!

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