Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation : retour sur la folle scène de l’avion qui a failli tuer Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has performed many particularly spectacular stunts in the various films of the “Mission: Impossible” saga. But one of the most impressive is that of the beginning of “Rogue Nation”. And the actor did not go far from death on the set of the scene.

Ethan Hunt facing the Syndicate in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

The plot of Mission : Impossible – Rogue Nation confronts Ethan Hunt with a mysterious criminal organization called “The Syndicate”. As he tries to prove his existence, Ethan finds himself isolated and chased by the CIA after the dismantling of the IMF (Impossible Mission Force). Determined to stop the dreaded organization, he calls on Benji for his help.

The two will soon have to team up with Ilsa Faust, a mysterious Syndicate member who helped Ethan escape them. Together, they will try to bring down the organization and its leader, Solomon Lane …

While he was a screenwriter on the fourth film of the saga, Christopher McQuarrie this time takes control of Rogue Nation, succeeding Brad Bird in the director’s chair. Tom Cruise is obviously making his comeback as Ethan Hunt, just like Ving Rhames, still loyal to the post in the role of Luther Stickell.

Present since the third film and having obtained a greater role in the fourth, Simon Pegg also finds his character of Benji Dunn, while Jeremy Renner, introduced in Ghost Protocol, also returns in William Brandt. Rebecca Ferguson makes a significant entry into the saga as Ilsa Faust, while Solomon Lane is played by Sean Harris.

Tom Cruise and the surreal waterfall

If he has accustomed us to performing each crazier stunt than the next since the beginning of the saga, Mission : Impossible –Rogue Nation contains one of the most spectacular ever made by Tom Cruise. From the beginning of the film, the IMF agent tries to stop a plane that is about to take off, in which terrorists have loaded dangerous gas. Realizing that Benji or Luther cannot stop the device from a distance, he decides to jump on the wing before hanging on to the side door as the plane takes off. Obviously, as with all the major action sequences since the beginning of the saga, Cruise carried out the stunt himself. And not just once.

Thus, the actor hung on the side of the plane as the device took off, described an arc of a circle and landed, eight times in all! That’s the number of takes it took for the scene to be satisfactory for Cruise and McQuarrie. And as often in such sequences of the saga, the film crew tried to prevent the actor from repeating the scene each time, obviously without success. If the sequence is visually impressive, she was actually very dangerous.

If one can imagine that the actor was very securely attached to the device using harnesses, elements that cannot be controlled could have caused his death. As Cruise revealed in an interview for USA Today at the end of the film, when the plane was in the air, any small debris or bird that would have passed through the propeller before coming to hit his face could have been fatal to him at this speed. The film crew therefore combed the runway from which the plane was leaving in search of any element that could have represented a danger for the actor.

Despite this, Cruise was hit in the chest by a small stone during one of the takes and the actor believed one of his ribs had broken on impact. He even clarified that if the pebble had hit him on the hands or, worse, on the head, it would have passed through him, and thus potentially killed him. The interpreter of Ethan Hunt is therefore once again not gone far from the disaster to succeed in obtaining a catch that satisfied him.

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