Brendan Fraser In For “Mummy 3” Sequel

Word on the web says Brendan Fraser is on board for a second sequel to 1999’s “The Mummy,” to be filmed sometime next year — with new writers, an unsigned director, and no sign yet of co-stars Rachel Weisz and Oded Fehr.

Reports from sites like TMZ.com have Fraser locked down to reprise his brash adventurer Rick O’Connell in Universal’s “Mummy 3,” which could begin shooting as early as next spring.

However, this time around “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns” writer-helmer Stephen Sommers is MIA; the new script — reportedly a “re-imagining” of the first two films — is penned by “Smallville” duo Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. An offer to direct has reportedly been extended to “Jurassic Park III” helmer Joe Johnston.

Fraser to do battle again in “Mummy 3” — “The Mummy Returns Again??”

Snagged at a film festival by EcranLarge.com, Weisz was asked whether or not she’ll be returning to “Mummy 3” as Rick O’Connell’s lady love, Evelyn. EcranLarge.com is a French site; thus, the folks over at MovieHole.net seem to have translated her response into this:

“I know there’s a new script but I haven’t read it yet. Nothing’s definite yet and should the film be done, it’s probably going to happen next summer. And if so, I would definitely like to be in it.”

Another fan fave from the first two “Mummy” films, Oded Fehr, has not yet been grilled on the subject by any enterprising web journos.

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