24 Heures Chrono sur Netflix : un crossover entre Jack Bauer et John McClane (Die Hard) était à l’étude

An association between the super cop of the cinema and the super agent of the series “24 Heures Chrono”? It is an idea which had germinated in the minds of the producers of FOX, in 2010. How this crossover was to be set up?

The flagship series of the post-September 11 period

Released just 2 months after the attacks that hit the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York, 24 Hours Chrono is a series which revolutionized American television. Indeed, the show created by Joel Nickow and Robert Cochran comes in a context where America faces an unprecedented paranoia, in which security is tightened in an extreme way. Above all, more than ever, the United States is showing the muscles by wishing to chastise its enemies in the strongest possible way. Therefore, viewers are more passionate about this series than ever. which will last nine seasons.

Indeed, 24 Hours Chrono every season follows the adventures of the Anti-Terrorist Cell in Los Angeles. Its purpose is to fight against all internal and external threats perpetrated against the United States. Within this cell, we find Jack Bauer. The latter is the best agent there is, able to pursue terrorists and build their networks like no one else. Thus, the nine seasons of the series will follow his adventures. Above all, the series is based on a concept then unheard of at the time: each season takes place in real time for 24 hours!

Die Hard versus 24

In 2010, the eighth season of the series was also to be its last. As a result, a film adaptation was seriously considered. The project titled Die Hard 24/7 so had to see Jack Bauer and John McClane join forces to fight a terrorist threat. Suffice to say that if this film had seen the light of day, a huge hype would have taken place because the two characters have become over time icons of pop-culture.

It should be noted that this crossover does not completely come out of nowhere. Indeed, the two main characters come from fictions produced and distributed by FOX. Then, John McClane and Jack Bauer are similar in their attitudes : men often operating alone, in permanent conflict with their hierarchy, and able to bring down many enemies without outside help. Finally, we can remember that the third film in the Die Hard series, entitled A Day in Hell, saw the character played by Bruce Willis, trying to thwart a terrorist threat for a whole day.

Unfortunately for the fans, this project will not take place. The fault lies with Kiefer Sutherland, the interpreter of Jack Bauer preferring that the saga 24 Hours Chrono retains its independence. Failing to see a feature film resulting from the license, the public will know a ninth and final season. Released in 2014 as a mini-series, it is called 24 Heures Chrono : Live Another Day.

What about the two sagas?

Currently, the franchise Die Hard is at a standstill. While a sixth opus was due to see the light of day, the takeover of FOX by Disney turned things upside down. As for the license 24 Hours Chrono, the observation is somewhat the same: indeed, 6 years after its end, FOX does not want to let go of one of its most lucrative babies. However, she takes her time and prefers to avoid the recent failure of 24 : Legacy, spin-off released in 2017, which was quickly canceled. Since then, several projects have been proposed, without being validated.

Waiting, you can still (re) watch the entire series on Netflix.

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