Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 1st January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shaurya coming to the institute. He gets working. Peon says Shagun’s college migration certificate needs your sign. Shaurya says I m busy, ask her to wait. Peon asks Shagun to wait. Shagun says why not, now he will be busy. Dolly’s marriage function is seen. Biji says decorations are good. Chachi says we have hired big wedding planners, Dolly is preparing for her Sangeet, she is wearing designer lahenger. Anokhi says my mum is the best designer, she designed my suit. Chachi says Rama is the best in it. Bhalla talks to his brother. He says the car is good. Bhalla says you will get a bigger car. Laali says yes, tell me, I will get big alliance for Raja, I lost in Anokhi’s case. Anokhi goes to the terrace and studies.

Someone sees Anokhi studying and says I will tell everyone about you. She asks him to get lost. Dolly’s groom Ashok and family comes. Bhalla asks Rama to keep an eye on Anokhi. The DJ sees Babli and smiles. Bhalla goes to Anokhi and asks what are you doing here, who would welcome the groom’s family. He asks her to come along. He sees Monty’s family there. He thinks its a chance to make things fine. He asks Anokhi to serve everyone. Shagun meets Shaurya. Shaurya asks what will you have, tea or coffee. He signs on the certificate and gives his best wishes. She thanks him. She says I know you are happy for me, not with my choice. He says you will be happy with your choice, one has to pay a price for the choice. She says I wanted to meet you for the last time and ask something.

Monty hugs Ashok. Ashok asks him to find a girl. Monty sees Anokhi. Bhalla and Laali try to talk to Monty’s dad. Anokhi talks to Ashok and Monty. She goes. Ashok says she is dangerous. Monty says its fun to have love with a cracker. Monty’s mum comes and says we had gone to see the girl with Laali, her dad met Khanna and pleaded for another chance. Monty says I don’t like to meet them, I like a girl here. His mum asks will you marry against my wish. He says it will happen by your wish. He shows Anokhi. She checks the pic. She says she is the same girl.

Shagun says you came come to London to meet me, we can find a way. Shaurya sees time and says I have imp meeting with faculty, tell me if you need anything from the college. He opens the door for her. Monty’s mom says she isn’t good. Monty asks what’s wrong in meeting her once. Anokhi pinches her cousin. Monty says Anokhi has won my heart. Bhalla and his brother talk about Khanna’s richness. Monty goes to talk to his dad. His dad says we won’t have this alliance. Bhalla comes to please them. He asks them to meet Anokhi once. Monty says what’s the problem in meeting her once. Monty says fine, where is your daughter. Bhalla asks DJ Vicky to make announcement to call Anokhi. Anokhi gets disturbed from studies. She goes and sees Bhalla. Anokhi comes. Rama says your dad is finding you. Bhalla takes Anokhi and says I got you here to find a guy for you, I convinced Khanna to meet you, don’t do anything this time. He warns her.

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