People Have Already Received Their $600 Stimulus Check. Here’s How To Check On Yours.

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Now that people are beginning to receive their $600 stimulus checks, you might be wondering where yours is.

Well, there will soon be an easy way to track your check.

As of right now, the best course of action is to watch your bank account. The same one used last time for your last stimulus check.

Mine was pending the other day and said deposit day of January 4th. However, I had it deposited by the next morning.

Now, if your banking info has changed since then, you’ll need to wait until the IRS opens their tool to where you can input your new banking info.

Soon the IRS will bring us an online tool, called the “Get My Payment” application, and it will make tracking your stimulus check much easier.

With this online application, you will be able to:

* Check your payment status* Confirm your payment type: direct deposit or check* Enter your bank account information for direct deposit if we don’t have  your direct deposit information and we haven’t sent your payment yet

As of right now the tool is unavailable but should be up and running any day now so make sure you bookmark the site and check it often.

Until then just check your bank account or keep your eye out on your mail (if that is how you received your stimulus check last time).

You simply go to the IRS.gov website, and click on the application button. It really couldn’t be any easier.

We know that eligible taxpayers will get $600 and $1200 for married couples. You will also get $600 for each qualifying dependent 16 years old or younger.

The first batch of payments were deposited as of last night.

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