Marvel unveils Spider-Man’s new costume

Marvel has announced that Spider-Man will be getting a new costume next year, and there have already been a few rumblings through the comic book community about the rather drastic change in his look.

This, of course, is not the first time that Spidey has had a new costume — most famously Peter acquired an all-black version of his suit that would go on to become a character in its own right as Venom, however through the ages he has had battle suits and metal suits and even a Captain Universe suit, but they never stuck with fans and the reset button would be eventually hit.

Steve Ditko created the iconic costume that we know and love, and at the time it was a look that had never been seen by comic book fans before. People in the early 60s would be used to capes, domino masks, and underpants; in fact, the legendary Jack Kirby had the first crack at the character and presented Stan Lee with what was pretty much another Captain America, but Ditko created a look that reflected the creepy nature of a spider-man, and thankfully it was the one that Stan Lee went for. Other artists would refine the look as the decades rolled by but the red and blue webbed outfit is now one of the most recognizable costumes ever created.

With such a legacy, it seems silly to think that the new costume will be a permanent fixture, but for the short term, it might create a bit of buzz for fans of the character.

You can see Spider-Man in his new outfit in March 2021.

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