Is Chris Harrison leaving The Bachelor? Rumors explained

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Is Chris Harrison leaving The Bachelor? It’s kind of starting to look like it.

recently reported that Harrison is moving far away from Los Angeles, further fueling the mounting rumors that he’s moving on from Bachelor Nation. According to the publication, he’s taking up residence in a swanky area of Austin, Texas.

Is Chris Harrison quitting The Bachelor?

As many fans know, his son is currently attending school at Texas Christian College. Austin, Texas is roughly three hours away from the college. On top of that, the Bachelor Nation host with the most is originally from Dallas, Texas. With all of that in mind, building a mansion in Texas looks like an effort to be closer to his family and doesn’t seem that farfetched. Still, after nearly 20 years as the host of the ABC mega hit, it’s tough to imagine Chris Harrison going anywhere. But he very well could be.Lately, Chris’ role on the show has definitely been changing. For starters, he started taking breaks. During season 16 of The Bachelorette, he missed a couple of episodes, actually because he was going to Texas. While Harrison was away, JoJo Fletcher stepped in as his temporary replacement. Earlier in the season, Wells Adams joined the show as a commentator for a group date activity. It didn’t take long for fans to wonder if producers were trying to ease the audience into the idea of Bachelor Nation without Chris Harrison by trying on other potential hosts for size.

With the latest report that he’s moving to Austin with girlfriend Lauren Zima looking more and more like reality, Chris leaving the show might be something we seriously have to prepare ourselves for. It’s starting to look more like a matter of when he’s leaving, not if.

So far, Chris Harrison has yet to respond to these Bachelor Nation retirement rumors.

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