‘Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2’ Everything About The Anime – Check Out Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Interviews with Monster Girls, a Japanese manga series which is also named Demi-chan WA Kataritai.

Mr. Petos wrote and illustrated the manga series. The serialization of the supernatural anime started in September 2014.

Moreover, Kodansha makes the conversion from Japanese to English of the manga version. Later the manga got adapted by A1 Pictures studios to develop an anime version of the manga.

The show features a lot more than just supernatural comedy. Many anime fans saying that it has the only humor in it which isn’t genuinely real without watching. ‘Interview with Monster Girls’ lies under the subcategory.

‘Ecchi’ is a category of manga that playfully includes sexual imagery and undertones. However, this show also has some piece of life foundation.

Moreover, while comparing with other anime ‘Interviews with Monster Girls’ is promising and has covered a vast plotline in just 13 episodes.

The show premiered on January 7, 2017, to March 25, 2017. Since its end fans are waiting for the next season.

Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2: Release Date

From its last episode Interview with Monster Girls’ fans are eagerly waiting for the next installment. Furthermore, some of them sent requests to A1 Pictures about releasing next season.

After receives a huge amount of requests Ryo Ando, director of the anime revealed that there would be a renewal of the anime for next season.

Although the release date of the supernatural anime is not yet confirmed. Due to the global pandemic, the production remains open for a long time. However, we can expect the Interviews with Monster Girls Season 2 in early 2021.

Interviews With Monster Girls: Characters and Voice artists

The characters from the previous season will also reprise their role in the next season.

Moreover, every character in the anime has unique and has a vital part in the storyline which includes: Tetsuo Takahashi, Hikari Takanashi, Kyouko Machi, Yuki Kusakabe.

voice Artists

Tetsuo Takahashi – Cris George

Hikari Takahashi – Bryn Apprill

Kyouko Machi – Terri Doty

Yuki Kusakabe – Sarah Wiedenheft.

Also, you can enjoy the English version of Interviews with Monster Girls on Funimation.

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