FF7 Remake Part 2’s Gold Saucer needs to copy 2020’s goofiest masterpiece

While mini-games aren’t exactly what old Final Fantasy games are remembered for, they play a central role in Final Fantasy VII. Protagonist Cloud Strife can ride a motorcycle, snowboard, race chocobos, dig up items, pilot a submarine, and play around in a literal amusement park. That last piece is especially important because there’s a good chance the Gold Saucer will show up in the sequel. Considering how far Square Enix stretched Midgar, players will likely spend a fair amount of time doing activities in the Gold Saucer.

When it comes to mini-games, Like a Dragon is unmatched. The RPG features many different side activities that range in scale. There’s an entire underground casino full of card games, a Mario Kart parody, a golf driving range, and much more. The most standout addition among the bunch is the game’s business simulator, which has players managing properties and conducting elaborate board meetings to impress investors. You can hire a literal chicken to work on your team. It’s truly groundbreaking.

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